Go base jumping

I would want to go base jumping with my best friend because that is what friends do and because I like to do crazy things. I would like to do it at

it would be physical weathering because the different things ex: glass, windows, the bulidings around it.

Tingril,China Climb Mount Everst

I would want to climb mount everst with my worst enemy because to annoying, and I would to go do it at Tingril, China because I have never been there and want to explore new things chemical and physical because the rocks and water and etc.

Tampa, Florida skydiving

I want to go skydiving with my brother because he is so crazy and fun and weathering is physical and chmeical because when you are in the sky you see everything and i would want to do it at Tampa, Flordia

Slow Dance in the rain

I would want to slow dance in the rain with my crush because it would just feel so right I would want to slow dancing anywhere it was raining chemical weathering because the raindrops on our heads and splashing in the rain puddles and it would be the perfect moment and I would be the happiest person in the world if I just had that one dance with my crush
The slow dance in the rain

Skydiving in Tampa, Flordia

i would want to go skydiving in Tampa, Flordia because it would be fun and etc. and i would want to go with my mom because i know she would be really scared and she might hate me when we are done but weathring physical and chemical because you could see everything from the sky and it would just be cool