Adobe Flash Professional CS6

By Srujay Korlakunta 5th Period


Adobe Flash Professional is a program used for web applications, games, movies, and content for mobile phones, as well as animation. I chose to learn how to animate, and I will show ou what I learned today.

Why I Chose This

I chose this topic because I am interested in Flash and I wanted to build on what we have learned already.

Why is this Important

Learning Flash animation is a very important part to media because it can help you make videos that you cannot film.

What I Learned

Fire Animation

I learned how to make a fire animation. You have to use the Art Deco Tool. Here you will find things that are common that people like to animate, like fire, vines, and smoke.


I learned how to make things look like they are flying by leaving the flying object stationary and moving the objects behind it so it makes it look like the object is flying.


I learned how to use the different tools on the toolbar to make objects. I learned how to make them have depth, look 3D, and more.

My Animation


My Resources

The resources that I used to learn how to make Flash animations were YouTube tutorials, and some informative websites such as

The Learning Process of Learning Something Independently

What is important to know if you are learning things independently are that you have to know when you know enough, and you have to have guidelines on what you have to learn, otherwise you may find yourself spending weeks and months and years when it is only supposed to take a couple weeks.

The Next Steps

The next steps are in Adobe Flash Professional are to explore more of it. Animations are not the only things you can do. You can make websites, web applications, games, and games for iPhone and Android.