The Wells bequest By: Polly Shulman

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The time period is during the academic year. The setting is at the Repository. Leo asked his science teacher for answer about whether a time machine exists or not? Leo did not mention that on the the day before he was astonished by the fact the he saw himself and a girl named Jaya riding in a time machine that suddenly appeared up in his bedroom.


Leo's teacher sent him to a small building called the Materials Repository. There he walked into the Repository trying to find some information about time machines. But he found something odd about the place. There were odd pictures (the kind you see in big churches). Leo was surprised when he found the girl, Jaya that was in the time machine with him also in the Repository, and he introduced himself to her and they got to know each other. Shortly after visiting the Repository, Leo got a job there, in order to have all his questions answered about the machine. A few other co workers joined Leo and they went to the the basement to the Wells Bequest. After searching and searching he found what he was looking for, but not exactly... he found the time machine but it was broken. Leo had to find a way to fix the time machine, but he couldn't, so Leo had to travel to England with Jaya using a dissolution transporter to get the demo time machine. Soon he found out that he and Jaya had to travel back in time to New York, using the demo time machine, to warn a real living scientist, named Nikola Tesla. Leo had to warm Nikola about his invention, a dangerous Death Ray. Leo and Jaya they traveled back in time to New York three times before they were successful.

Rising action

When Leo and Jaya traveled to England, using the dissolution transporter, they went to Jaya's Aunts house. They told Jaya's Aunt about the mission to find the demo time machine before the Burton finds it. They were competing against the Burton's to find both the demo time machine and the Death Ray.


When Leo and Jaya travel back in time they meet some interesting people. When Jaya and Leo saw Tesla, they recognized him right away. Leo and Jaya told Tesla that his employee, Mr. Smith, was in the process of stealing his invention, the Death Ray and that Tesla had to stop him. Tesla, Leo and Jaya worked together to stop Mr. Smith. The lab caught on fire and burned down, but Tesla, Leo, and Jaya had rescued Death Ray before it was destroyed.

Falling action

When the three returned to the Repository, they barged into the Doc's office and told him that the Death Ray was safe. The Doc, who is in charge of the Repository, wanted the Death Ray in his possession to keep it away from the Burton, so it would be safe.


Traveling in the demo time machine helped Leo to stop the Death Ray from falling into the Burton's hands. Leo also saved Jaya and Tesla and Mr. Smith from the burning lab (although the first time Mr. Smith died from being shot by the Death Ray). Leo with Jaya's help deliver the Death Ray the Repository. Afterwards, Leo, now in his present time, spent the next few weeks working on his robot for his science project. He won the science fair, doing a project on how to improve a knights arm movement. Still, some times, while working at the Repository, Jaya and Leo still talk about going back in time.

Character traits

Leo - He was naturally good at science

- He did his science project on robots

- Thought Jaya was the most beautiful girl

Jaya - Has thick, black dark hair

- Hits Leo a lot

- Head page

Simon - Thought jaya liked him

- Betrayed jaya

- Went to camp in England