2F Weekly News

Week of Sunday March 13, 2016

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A Note from Ms. Graves

Dear Parents,

We are counting down the days to Spring Break, as I am sure you are too. This week we presented our final Qatar Study projects to the entire class! This is the first time in grade 2 students had an in class independent project on their chosen topic to share their learning. Each student showed their hard work and talked about the differences and similarities of their topic to their peers. They did outstanding and I can't wait for more independent opportunities like this throughout trimester 3.

We move on to our landform study and if you have any photos of your family or your child at a specific landform (volcano, beach, island, peninsula, mountain, hills, plains, river etc.) please send them in. We will be collecting them on a map to share throughout the unit. If you take any photos during Spring Break please, please, please send those in. :)

Stay tuned at the beginning of the week for a special newsletter with our Readers' Theater videos and scripts attached.

Solar Lantern Update

  • We have spent 4 explore times now getting to know materials, planning our ideas, painting and assembling, and attaching lantern parts. The finishing touches will be made this Sunday.
  • All participating grade 2 classes will have an exhibition allowing us to walk through the participating classes to see everyone's hard work.
  • The class will vote on the top 4 lantern designs (creative, sturdy, and matching their plan) on Tuesday.
  • The representative from Shams Generation will come to ASD on Wed to collect the chosen lanterns for the Katara exhibit. Stay tuned for more info regarding this.



Classroom Donation Request

  • If you have newspaper you would like to get rid of please send it in with your child during our Landforms social studies unit. We will be making papiér maché landforms as part of our culminating project and would like to begin the collection now.

Weekly Subject Updates


Folktales and Fairytales

Students continued noticing the lesson taught in folktales and fairy tales. This week students were asked to think about how the lesson might apply to their own lives. Some students took part in readers’ theater, while others had the opportunity to be listeners. Next week those who haven't will perform their readers' theater. Performing is a great opportunity to practice reading with expression.


Opinion Writing

This week was the last week of our Opinion Essay unit. Students were very excited to share their writing with their peers and even practiced some speaking and listening skills reading and recording their writing in various ways. Look for these writing pieces to go home next week before Spring Break.


Addition and Subtraction Within 1,000

They also have been using more than one strategy to check their work for accuracy. They are continuing to apply their understanding of place value and strategies when working on word problems at the beginning of each class and then sharing amongst their peers. Sharing with partners and in small groups allows them to use mathematical language and explain the steps and strategies they used to solve a variety of problems. They are trying to choose which strategy is most efficient when solving these problems, as well as being able to justify their thinking with specific mathematical language.

Social Studies

Mapping and Landforms

This week in social studies we began our new unit of study on maps and landforms. Students shared their previous knowledge about landforms and begin reading and making maps. Next week for homework students will have the option to create some maps at home. We will focus on creating map keys to go with our maps. We can’t wait to see what they bring back and share.
Exploring Landforms and Bodies of Water for Kids - FreeSchool

Message from the Lower Elementary Office

Dear Parents,

Over the past few months, we have been keeping track of the amount of Dragon Wristbands that are coming back to us, broken. We have also been looking closely at the normal wear and tear of the wristbands and the actual damage that is occurring.

Closer inspection of the broken wristbands and observation in the classroom has revealed that a high amount of wristbands are being intentionally damaged. This happens when a student has been playing with it, chewing/biting it, picking at the back of the wristband where the magnetic disk is and removing it, cutting it with the clasp part of a lanier, cutting it with scissors, picking the top part of the wristband so that the magnetic disk pops out, stretching it until it snaps, continually snapping it or pulling it, playing with it with friends – a ‘tug of war’ type of scenario, etc.

With the sheer amount coming back to us damaged in this way, we have come to the decision to start charging QR 50.00 to the student’s Dragon Wristband account for a replacement. Of course, we will pre-inspect all bands prior to issuance to verify no faulty or material design flaw is present that has contributed to the wristband being torn or broken. And of course, if a wristband has simply stopped working, the wristband will be replaced at no charge.

The Dragon Wristband needs to be regarded and treated as school property – the same as a library book or school-issued computer/camera, etc. Students have been issued a first wristband at no charge and are expected to treat it with the same care a library book or piece of classroom property. We would like to ask you, as parents, to have a conversation with your child about the importance of taking care of their Dragon Wristband.

Thank you for your kind cooperation and understanding with this matter.

Upcoming Events

Spring Break - Have a Relaxing Time!

Thursday, March 24th, 3pm to Monday, April 4th, 10pm

Al Bustan Street

Doha, Doha

If you take any pictures of your family at different landforms please email them to me and we can share in class!

Full Day Tuesday - Sunday Schedule

Tuesday, April 5th, 8am

Al Bustan Street

Doha, Doha

Lower Elementary Movie Night Fundraiser

Thursday, April 14th, 3:30pm

Al Bustan Street

Doha, Doha

Info and permission slips will be going home on Sunday March 20th. Please return with money by Wednesday March 23rd.