Your not the only one

What years were you in middle school ?

She was in middle school between 2001-2003.

What kinds of music, movies, and fashion were popular at the time ?

Hip hop and R&B were popular at the time.
The fashion was boot cut jeans
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What job/interests/activities do you have now ? Is there a connection between what you liked back then and what you enjoy today ?

She works at Macy's as a support associative and yes it's way different from her past and from what she imagine what she will be doing and she does enjoy her job.
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What was the best part of being in middle school ?

The best part was being with her friends.

What was the worst part ?

The worst part was getting homework.

How would you describe your middle school self ?

She was really shy especially on the first day of school like every kid, but once she got to know people she wasn't shy anymore.

How old are you now ?

She is 27 years old

Did you have any siblings in middle school ?

She did have siblings in school