By: Steven Karges

Who Was Rasputin

Rasputin was a Russian pheasant There is much uncertainty over Rasputin's life and some of the things that he did

Early Life

Born to a Siberian peasant family around 1869 Rasputin received little schooling . In his early years, some people of his village said he possessed supernatural powers, while others cite examples of extreme cruelty. For a time, it was believed his name "Rasputin" meant "licentious" in Russian. At age 19 he got married and then had 2 children but shortly after birth they died. In his early 20s Rasputin left his family and traveled to Greece and the Middle East, making several pilgrimages to the Holy Land.

Religious Life

Around 1893 Rasputin traveled to Mount Athos. By 1900 he was known as a religious wanderer who would visit holy places on foot and would live off of charity money. In 1902 private gatherings in his house had to be disbanded because of all the attention he received from locals.

Rasputin's Death

Rasputin’s would-be killers gave the monk food and wine laced with cyanide. When he failed to react to the poison, they shot him at close range, leaving him for dead. A short time later Rasputin attempted to escape from the palace grounds then after his assailants shot him again and beat him viciously. Finally, they found Rasputin still alive and tossed him into a freezing river. His body was discovered several days later and the two main conspirators were then killed.

My Reaction

My reaction to learning about Rasputin is, I think I have a better understanding of him and what he did through his life because the chapters didn't really explain his death and I had questions on his death still before I did this project