Computer Systems

BB-8 Robot Toy Created By Joshua Horseman

BB-8 App-Enabled Droid || Built by Sphero

Input Used

The input used in this robotic toy is either an iPhone or any other smartphone or tablet device


The process of BB-8 is when you sync your iPhone and play around with it and talk to it it starts to process the information and learns how to talk.


What BB-8 stores is probably the data that the person is asking or telling it and the messages it holds.


The output device is well the BB-8 robot.


What BB-8 response is and if it can do what the person asks it or tells it to do.

Why Is This A Computer System?

This robotic toy is a computer system because it has motion sensors it connects to any smartphone which means it has an input, it stores messages and data and learns every time you make it move around the place you and when you talk to it.