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I discovered LikePlus there only a few days, and since this blog post gets more visits each buy youtube views online day, I told myself that I'll update. LikePlus did not like the above sites, as it only allows you to gain likes on your facebook pages. Although the site only allows facebook likes, it sends you a good amount in a short time. To gain likes on your facebook pages with LikePlus must like each sites boost, liker the other pages. Here, the likes appear as viewer (like on Likeub front), and this viewer, pages are displayed with a small part in each page name in which there has marked the last publications of the page a button " like" liker page. After clicking the button " I like ", wait a few seconds and the like is done automatically, so it is very simple and quick to make.

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LikePlus is today and to my knowledge, the only site that offers packs of fans. There are 3 30 fans for a SMS code, 100 fans for and for 500 fans. In these packs fans, it is clear that the fans will pack real fans but also fans of consenting, or we may well doubt that fans who like your pages, are the only one loves their pages, so there is very, very buy youtube views online few fans consentants.Quels criteria are used by YouTube to classify the results on its internal search engine.

Frequently asked question, I start ! Firstly, if you want to be first on a query from the internal engine youtube, the video must be relevant to the research. Here are the observations I made about twenty buy youtube views online search with different keywords, and 70 of my promotional videos and crash test from 3 different youtube accounts.

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This site is very promising on time as the admin of the site to put in place a system of sponsorship paid, ie that for every person you recruit, you earn 40 credits directly credited to your account and 10% for every purchase made in store. Because on Like4Tube, you can request payment by paypal.

But the best thing about this site is that you can redeem your credits against money at a rate of 3000 credits for 1 € and there is no limit to the gain. With Like4Tube is already over 10,000 likes exchanged in a short time since its launch. We will conclude buy youtube views online the article with LikePlus : Remember that YouTube is the second search engine most used in the world! Here are some top tips to optimize buy youtube views online the SEO of your videos on YouTube, from tests performed by a member of WebRankInfo.

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Why do YouTube views freeze at 301?

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DC filter : Youtube has a filter that prevents duplicate videos be in the first pages or be ignored. This filter is based on the size (in bytes) and the duration of the video (certainly in milliseconds). So if you are dishonest and you copy a video on Youtube by downloading (like " Free YouTube to MP3 Converter ") and to escape this filter, simply go eg in Windows Live Movie Maker and edit duration of 1 or 2 seconds and save at this point, the video duration in milliseconds and different size is markedly different.

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Then, for safety reasons, you must change the video thumbnail in the online video, this helps attract the best surfers who will not notice in the search results is a buy youtube views online lining. Youtube also offers tools for editing a video online.

With this technique, I can publish without problem 3 videos by posting them on two different accounts, or 6 videos purely copied, passing smoothly. ( Note Oliver Duff : I said that buy youtube views online I do not condone this practice described by Jonathan... )

Accuracy on this filter : filter YT may apply when multiple videos are online and have the same size as 50.22504040 MB converted to bytes and an identical duration 604.7525 seconds (converted buy youtube views online to milliseconds). The probability that 10 videos are identical is very low, and that filter will very rarely wrong.

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It may be that when a video is online, and what is merely copied from your own account, then it is buy youtube views online simply rejected, in reference to " Rejected (already online )." Of course the best is to have a single video to avoid any problems with this filter : it's like the contents of a web page.

The location of buy youtube views online the video : This is a guess, I 've never been back to that specific subject. When posting a video on Youtube, you can provide information such as " date and place." Logic would dictate that if a user is looking for a video like "France" then it would a video that was shot in France. Or that further information is unnecessary or it is used for geotagging video and could influence the buy youtube views online results, but it is difficult to prove. Another hypothesis, it affects the user makes a search and is geolocated.