How Immigrants came to America

By Gracie and Monserrat

Countries Immigrants came from

Many immigrants came from different countries to America. Most immigrants came to America from Asia or Europe. They also came from Africa. Immigrants came to America for many different reasons. Like for religious freedom,better home,and a better life.

When Immigrants came to America

Most Immigrants came to America between 1880-1950. About 29 million immigrants came to America during 1880-1950.

Reasons immigrants chose to come to America

Immigrants came to America for many different reasons (pull factors). To start a new life, freedom,religious freedom,and to see there families if they have already came to America. Reasons immigrants had to come to America These are some of the reasons immigrants were pushed to America (push factors). Many of the immigrants that came from Russia wanted to escape persuasion. If you were any other religion then everyone else you would die.

Ellis Island

  • Ellis Island is a station for immigration
  • Ellis Island is located in New York Harbor

Contributions of Immigrants

Immigrants contributed their unique languages, food and music.

Discrimination against Immigrants

Irish were frequently singled out because they were Catholic. Chinese were also discriminated against because they had a different culture.
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