Athens, thing place since Egypt

Home of the wise and skilled


Athens, a beautiful sea-side city surrounded by great walls. They were proud and skilled artists, eager to share their ideas with the world.



The Athens were the first culture to have a democracy. Instead of a bunch of old guys running the kingdom, everyone got a word in it. Bad ideas were voted out and good ones accepted


The Athens, though with less fertile soil then the Spartans, had large and successful trade route, and instead of carrying heavy, iron bars around, they used little coins of gold, bronze, and silver with Athena and owls carved in them.


Unlike the Spartans, who abandon their sick ones instead of caring for them and made young children suffer in heir training, the Athens did it a much more proper way. They taught children to read and write, not starve and fight.

Women and slaves

Even though they treated slaves a little bit to harshly, it's still better then killing them because of what they might do. They also made sure that women had something to do. They could even work in a trade place, instead of the improper way the Spartans work them.


Sparta, Athen's mortal enemy, has nothing in common with their fellow. They, for one, have no walls around their city and are far from the ocean. They despise trading (because they're bad at it) and use heavy iron as money. They kill innocent people for being too weak and punish kids for being born their. Can you imagine, being starved for school? And they are so violent. They just attack for no reason, or for a few more grains of wheat!