A Wrinkle In Time

By: Flynn Kabisch

My Summery

This book is about three kids on a journey to save there dad, but why? after many years of crying about there father being gone, they know that they have to find him . After meeting an old lady who knows something about young Meg and Charles Wallace's dad's secret mission, they know that the old lady can help them. After using a special method, to time travel and the evil people they have to go through, will they get to there father in time, read A Wrinkle In to Time to find out.

The journey is not the why you would think of. A magical journey to another dimension? confusing but fun. Calvin a friend a new how can they trust him?

Forced to stay bullied by an over one hundred year old? Fighting to stay away, to stay away from every thing.

I will give this book a five star ratting , because this book is magical and well thought out. The book gave me confidence because the kids in this book travel to a different universe just to save thire dad, now that I know about their situation I know how they feel, and this made me confident. This book is emotional, and inspirational!

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