Week of November 26th...

LA Staff News


Monday: SNOW DAY

Tuesday: SNOW DAY


10:00--Referral meetings at LHS

Jill Molli, Conscious Discipline Consultant, at LA 11:30-2:30


8:30-10:30: Principals Meeting


1:30--Referral Meetings at LN

To do this week:

Upcoming dates to note:

-We are nearing CPR (anyone who took health), EOC, and MO/US Constitution Testing season!

-12/6 @ 1:30--LA Data Consult

-12/18 1:00 Showcase

In the home stretch reminders...

It's go time--kids see that the end is near and they start to panic. Remind them that they CAN do this! Also, I know you are all busy, but please help reinforce the following:

Side doors: PLEASE remind kids to use the MAIN entrance starting at 9:00. No adult or kid should be opening a side door. While you can see the attendance side of this, the one we most often overlook is the safety reason behind this. Please help us all out by not opening those doors.

Balconies: These doors are still being opened or pushed open. The balconies ARE NOT LAG BOLTED TO THE BUILDING. This is a huge safety concern. Please help students understand why we can't go out there.

Chart: On a whole, I think the overall charting has been down this semester compared to last year. Also on a whole, discipline has been the highest that it has been. I totally understand that it is a big-O pain to chart behaviors. However, it is a necessary communication and documentation piece. In the short, you may save a few minutes by not charting behaviors. In the long, I think it prolongs our impact on behavior change.

This is a fun time of year because most of our kids have settled in, and they are feeling the stress of making it to the finish line. Good things are happening! Thank you for all you do!

Safety Officer for LA Hired!

Krista Helton has been hired, and her start date is December 3rd. While this is a new position at Liberty Academy, you will identify with it most as it used to be titled "hall monitor". LPS can't employ building subs due to the Kelly contract, but having someone out and about, building relationships with kids, and understanding what needs to happen when one of you is gone will be key moving forward.

Krista just started her second career in the school setting working as a para in Cameron. Her husband, Jim, is a special education teacher at Liberty North, and they are relocating to Liberty. Please take some time to get to know Krista, help her learn what we are all about, and welcome her aboard!

Small Mall is Coming

Small Mall Collection Idea #7:

Call _________. You know, she's the go-to gal for everything. Tell her what we are doing and see if she wants to clean out that closet to help us out!

An electronic flyer is below. Please help us out by sharing!