Vote Like You Drive.. (D) Forward (R) Backward


Role of Government - The government should play a big part in people's lives. Be active. Believe the government should help the people. Government should be in charge of keeping the pursuit of happiness in line. They should provide jobs for citizens and all of the things that are needed to pursue the pursuit of happiness for everyone.

Plank Issues:

Death Penalty - Democrats support the death penalty, DNA tests are to be used when needed and the death penalty should not be used as arbitrary. The democrats support killing people if they did wrong, but they are only okay with it, as long as the victim is PROVEN to be guilty. Puts the right of the victims and family and pushes to end more crime, a more stricter penalty should stop crime from happening.

Abortion - Support abortion, they believe that it is the right of the woman and her family to decide if it the right thing to do. They have the choice of getting an abortion or not, but democrats are trying to create as many ways as possible to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies ahead of time to reduce the number of abortions needed. They don't want it to be a form of birth control, but they want woman to have the right of choosing to have an abortion.