The Trustbuster

He destroys monopolies and saves forests!

Nemesis: Monopolith

Monopolith's Evil Deeds:
1. Ruined small businesses
2. Compromised the integrity of capitalism
3. Charged unreasonable prices

4. Lowered the quality of products

5. Forced consumers to buy its products

Sidekick: The Tarbeller

Used her superpower "The History of the Standard Oil Company" to expose one of the largest monopoliths ever, the Standard Oil Company. Her superpower gave the Trustbuster more strength to bust trusts due to increased support from normal, non-superhero people.


The Trustbuster's go-to superpower is the "Sherman Antitrust Act". When aware of trusts or Monopoliths that are harmful to the economy, he immediately activates the superpower and either shuts down the trust or splits it into parts. His sidekick's superpower, "The History of the Standard Oil Company", increased popular support for antitrust laws, and was later used to destroy the Standard Oil Company Monopolith in the historic battle of "Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey v. United States".

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