Newsletter: AUGUST 20, 2018 - Year 4

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Dear ACE Family,

Welcome to the new school year! We are so grateful you have joined us for the 4th year of ACE and the first year of our Leadership Model. Already, through your diligence during summer training and your care for campus preparation, you have reinforced the belief that greatness is really about people --- "Great schools start with great people. No matter where you go, when you see students inspired to reach for their dreams, you invariably encounter a visionary leader, expert teachers, and dedicated support staff."

How we start the year matters! Let's make this the best year ever for our students and families. Here are some common "ACE" practices to master from day one:

  • Joyful greetings from curb to classroom door
  • Uniform compliance and support
  • Orderly transitions in halls, lunch and dismissal with positive narration
  • High expectations for 100% engagement and on-task learning
  • Maximizing every learning minute; even reading in halls for restroom breaks
  • Posted schedules with detailed instructional blocks followed from week one
  • Use of historical data to start small groups & match reader with text
  • Communication and academic goal setting with parents

Thank you for your dedication; please remember your work is incredibly valuable. We cannot emphasize enough what it means for our students to develop a strong foundation for college readiness within a positive and supportive school culture.


Jolee Healey

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Outstanding Achievement at ACE Schools

Please take a minute to celebrate our recent STAAR scores and TEA ratings. Our ACE mission is to accelerate the transformation of struggling schools so each student develops a strong foundation of college readiness. Our vision is to become beacons of hope for our communities and models of excellence for others across the nation. From 13 IR schools to 12 with 44 Distinctions. Your hard work is making our vision a reality!
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