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Colorful Cultural Festival of Mumbai

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Mumbai like any other city in the world has its own charisma and presences. What makes Mumbai different from other Indian cities is that it is a hub of creativity, art, dance and music. Among various festivals celebrated in the city Kala Ghoda Arts festival is unique and represents various forms of art and culture. For a decade, the city witnesses nine colorful days of art, literature, music, dance and drama at one of the renowned Kala Ghoda Arts festivals which is celebrated between 2nd to 10th February every year. Upcoming artists, kids, scholars, teachers and art lovers are all looking forward to this cultural extravaganza. So if you want to take part in it then book flights for Mumbai and feel the color and vibrancy of this city.

The venues for this event is scattered all across South Mumbai but few of them are permanently fixed like Asiatic Library Steps is fixed for music concerts, Hormiman Circle Garden will be the stage for theatrical performances and David Sassoon Library hosts the events related to literature. The young guns and kids enjoy creative craft workshops at National Gallery of Modern Art. The festival showcase the live music performances by famous Indian and International artists along with various dance forms of various regions of India, exhibitions by famous artists, photography workshops, seminars to showcase rich cultural heritage of India , book fair along with various competitions in various categories and discussions. It seems that the whole city comes alive during this cultural festival and artists from different cultural and geographical backgrounds come together to represent the oneness of this great country. There are around 350 events for kids to elderly as the festival has something for everyone. So get ready to take part in this cultural fiesta and book flights to BOM from LON. The main aim of festivals like this is to provide a plat form to various art forms in a constructive and progressive way to make this world a better place to live and enjoy creative freedoms.
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