The Fault In Our Stars

By: Alicia Hernandez

Why should I read The Fault In Our Stars?

TFIOS is such a heartbreakingly amazing book. It has romance, tragedy, and reality. It is a triple threat. TFIOS gained the hearts of millions and at the same time broke it, although it did not make me cry, it made millions of people around the world cry. It is a truly eye-opening book to the problems and diseases happening around the world. Not only is there modern love, but also impacting reality. It is a wonderful book that I would recommend to anybody.

What is the Fault In Our Stars about?

Well, John Green, the author, is a very interesting man and a very complex writer. He has turned a classic Romeo and Juliet story into so much more than that. He has written a story about a love so strong not even a disease could break it. They live together in their hearts and that's what I think I love most about it.

Main Characters

Guaranteed to take you on a heartbreaking roller-coaster that only goes up!

Why is this book so sad?

It's just the way John Green wrote it, but I think the tragedy makes it all the better.

Where can I buy The Fault In Our Stars?

At your local library or book store, like Barnes & Noble or Half Price Books!
THE FAULT IN OUR STARS (2014) Extended Official HD Trailer
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