Found Poetry

By: Heri Bravo


"Had she known that her sister sought to tear her from such prospects and such realities as these, what would have been her sensations? They could have been understood only by her mother, who might have felt nearly the same. Lydia's going to Brighton was all that consoled her for the melancholy conviction of her husbands never intending to go there himself."(Austen 157)

Tears of prospects

Had she known, that she would be affected by

such prospects

what could have been the sensations that

she had sought to have.

These sensations might have

been misinterpreted,

even by an own mother,

who has the same intents as her daughter, and if she did,

did she have the thoughts?

Maybe, if going somewhere else to help soothe a certain conviction

might help when no one else would go as well,

even if it were the person

who they might love.