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Tyler Joseph was born on December 1 1988 in Columbus Ohio. He has three siblings. Tyler is the Singer of Alternative Hip hop/Electropop band Twenty One Pilots.
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  • Graduated from Worthington Christian High School in 2005.

  • Always played basketball since he was very young.

  • He played as point guard in high school.

  • Tyler received a scholarship for basketball but rejected it.

  • He realized he wanted to pursue music after seeing someone perform music at a High Street Club.

  • “He started to learn keyboard and also practiced his vocals.” http://articlebio.com/tyler-joseph

Albums Released? Major Tours?


  • Twenty One Pilots (2009)

  • Regional At Best (2011)

  • Vessel (2012)

  • Blurryface (2015)

The major tour the band did was the Quiet is Violent World Tour.

Who/What has influenced their music?

The Christian religion influences Tyler's music very much. In their music, many references are made to Christianity.


Twenty One Pilots:

AP Awards:

  • Album of the Year
  • Best live band
  • breakthrough band
  • best drummer

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Interesting Fact

Tyler's birth sign is a Sagittarius.

Quote about his music:

"Twenty One Pilots is a play by Arthur Miller, who wrote All My Sons." This is where the band's name comes from.
twenty one pilots: Truce [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
stay alive for me.

-twenty one pilots