Mrs. Nelson's 1st Grade News!

Week of March 21st

Welcome Back!

I hope you all had a fabulous Spring Break! I know I did. I enjoyed spending time with my own personal babies and just being together! :) Things start to get crazy this time of year, so hopefully you find my newsletter helpful.

Please see below for further reminders and important notes in general and for new items! :)

Important Notes For This Week!

- There will be NO homework, spelling list, spelling test, or reading folders as we just returned from break and have a short week. :) Students are still expected to obtain their 100 minutes per week of reading.

- Information was sent about the "Egg Drop" grade level activity that we are doing before break. I have included the same information in a section below as a reminder! Please don't forget to help your child come up with a plan so they can participate in this fun event on Thursday!

- This week we have a book fair going on! Please visit the book fair from 7AM-3PM.

- Math and Literacy Night is this Thursday, March 24th from 5:30PM to 7PM. This is a free event, so bring the family. The book fair will also be open from 5:30PM-7PM!

-Field Trip: This information came home earlier. If you have not already returned your child's signed field trip form, please do so ASAP. The field trip is not until April 8th, but as you can imagine it is a lot to put together so we need this step completed. I still have several parents who have not turned back in their child's field trip form.

- I just finished up reading level testing for this month. I will be sending that information out by the end of the week. :) I will also be updating their baggies (for their daily baggie books) so they can choose the correct level book! Please remember, it is still their responsibility to choose the right book each morning.

- Please sign your child's take home folder nightly (the reading log and behavior sheet are now combined) and take out any papers that need to stay at home.

-"Graded Work"- Please look through your child's folder nightly and discuss any work that does come home. If you notice that your child is having trouble with a specific area, please take this opportunity to discuss the work with them to have another chance to practice. :)

- If you notice any work that is marked, "please sign and return",or "correct at home"; please be sure to look at those and return them to school. :)

- Unfinished work- you may notice that your child brings home papers daily that look unfinished. If it is not marked on by me, it is likely work that is complete during our "intervention" time while they were at centers. This was not work that I graded. This is just in case you were wondering. :)

- Baggy Books: If you notice that your child is bringing the same book home each night, or picking books that area below their level (marked on their baggy); please remind them it is their responsibility to change their books every morning. I remind them daily, but this is their task. :)

~Mrs. Nelson

Egg Drop Grade Level Activity! Thursday Marth 24th!

Please work with your child so they can be sure to have fun when we all do this! :)

First Grade will be having an "Egg Drop" contest on Thursday, March 24th. Each child is encouraged to "package" one RAW egg that can be dropped from the roof of the school and survive! Here are the rules:

1. First, place one RAW egg in a Ziploc baggie. (Please do not stop at step 1- your child's egg will not survive.)

2. Next, package your "egg-in-a-baggie" in some kind of container so the egg will not break when it hits the ground after being dropped from the roof of the school. (Please DO NOT send just an egg in a baggie.)

3. Size of the package may not exceed 7"x7"x7"

4. Label the container with your name.

5. Decorate the container if you want to.

6. Keep egg at HOME until Thursday morning!

** Do not use Styrofoam peanuts or Easter grass. This creates a litter problem on our playground. The "egg in a baggie" helps with sanitary clean up.

Good Luck!

Gideon First Grade

What Are We Learning?

Language Arts:

- identifying and reading high frequency words

- decoding words (we call this Chunky Monkey)

- forming letters (handwriting)

- writing legibly

- matching sounds to letters

- writing- at least 5 complete sentences (beginning, 3 details, ending)

- story comprehension, story structure, and retelling a story (beginning, middle, and end), summarizing, main idea, author's purpose, retelling, and plot! We are also talking about making predictions and drawing conclusions! This week we are really focusing on story elements; setting, characters, plot, problem, and solution.

- parts of speech; nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs!

- sentence punctuation and capitalization

- We are really starting to "chunk" words we don't know in order to help us sound them out. This basically means we look for parts we know; word families, blends, diagraphs, etc. This is the "chunky money" strategy!

-word families: "ope" and "ose"

- review of special sound rules (focus on ow and ou as well as oi and _oy)


- We are starting our new unit on measurement and will be doing lots of practice with nonstandard units of measurement. This is a fun unit for the kiddos as we talk about length, width, units, etc. Practice at home by letting them choose an appropriate nonstandard unit of measurement (paper clips, cubes, etc.) to measure items around the house.

Science/Social Studies:

- This week is all about eggs! We are doing a ton of egg experiments and working on creating a "scientific journal" at the same time! :)

- We will also continue to learn about our 5 senses as we finish creating a poem about color!

Spelling/Sight Words

None this week! Continue studying past words, especially sight words!

Upcoming Events... please check below for due dates, etc.

Field Trip Forms Due!

Monday, March 21st, 12am

Mrs. Nelson's Classroom

Please return this ASAP if you have not already!

Math and Literacy Night

Thursday, March 24th, 5:30pm

1201 Mansfield Webb Road

Arlington, TX



Bring the family!

Book Fair will be open!

No School!

Friday, March 25th, 12am

1201 Mansfield Webb Road

Arlington, TX