Ireland to Japan

Getting There

Ireland: plane from Denver to Cong ($1,200 - two days with two stops)

Japan: plane from Ireland ($2,700 - two days with two stops)

All on United Airlines

Where to Stay

Ireland: Ashford Castle in Cong (May 10th to May 15th - $1,724)

Japan: Imperial hotel in Osaka (May 16th to May 20th - $1,328)


Ireland: rollerblade around and look at the castle, Panic! at the Disco concert (May 12th Dublin)

Japan: rollerblade around and try food. See the golden pavilion


Ireland: having to eat sheep stomach, say NOOOO

Japan: rollerblading through Osaka, don't use roller blades


Were going to take a plane from Osaka to Denver. Gonna be FUN!!

About the Traveler


History and Culture

Japan has many palaces and cities. The Golden Pavilion dates back to the late 14th century when it was built, burned down, then built again as an exact replica.

Ireland has pretty cliffs called the Cliffs of Moher and they are around two thousand years old. They come from a route word meaning ruined fort, giving them their name.