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Week of April 11, 2016

Kiest Throws the Ball Out of the Ballpark

With baseball season starting and Spring fever in its highest, the thought of summer vacation increases every day. Teamwork is going to be very important these next few weeks. Please continue working together, planning, sharing ideas, and supporting each other. We need to stay optimistic and hopeful that in spite of what is ahead, we must continue developing the students and get them ready for the "big leagues".

I am very proud of all of you for staying strong and for your perseverance keeping the course of student sucess!

First Grade News

Students in Ms. Perez' class learned about plants in the Outdoor Classroom last week. I addition, they enjoyed reading in English during the Math Centers.

Second Grade News

Second graders use these wonderful yoga kids videos that integrate stories narrated during the different postures. Rainy days are better this way!

Fifth Grade News

Check this out! Girls Soccer team get ready for their first game last week, winning 5-1. In addition the fifth graders enjoyed a writing workshop in the library.

Congratulations to these talented Kiest scholars!

The following students, Chris Flores, Julissa Zurita, and Katie Gutierrez, had their artwork selected for the Dallas ISD Youth Art Month exhibition. The artwork will be on display at the African American Museum in Fair Park, until April 15th.
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Pot of Gold for Acts of Kindness

Our goal is to fill up the pot of gold coins by publicly recognize staff kindness. I know we can do it!
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The Number of PK Students Enrolling this Week

  • SHOUT OUT to MS. FLORES for her Super Amazing Skills enrolling 76 scholars for next year. She received help from AMAZING MS. BROWN answering dozen of phone calls from parents inquiring about PK enrollment.

  • KUDOS to TAs MS. TIPPOL, MS. ALMENDAREZ, MS. MONREAL, MS. ESQUIVEL, MS. MARQUEZ, and MR. SALAZAR covering cafeteria duty, classrooms, the office, PK enrollment, Mock STAAR testing.

  • KUDOS to NURSE JOHNSON stayed very busy last week managing lots of visitors to her office. Let's hope everyone is back and fully recovered from whatever is going on in the air.


  • SHOUT OUT to MS. JACKSON and MS. CASTRO for their FANTASTIC organization of Grades 3-4 Mock STAAR this week and DDI planning.

  • KUDOS to MS. ROSA for giving the Art ACP to all 5th grade scholars last week. YOU ROCK!

Itinerary ~ Week of April 11, 2016

Monday 4.11 No School

Computer Lab for 3rd/4th Graders 7:15AM Daily

Tuesday 4.12 Announcements this Week 1E

  • Attendance is due by 9:00AM

  • Grades 3-5 meeting during planning Re: Student Survey

  • Class Picture Day

  • Important Faculty Meeting @ 3:15PM

Wednesday 4.13 Announcements this Week 1E

  • Attendance is due by 9:00AM

  • Student Survey for Grades 3-5 @ 8:30AM

  • Academic Facilitators Visit 8-11AM

  • Tutoring ALL Tier 3 Scholars @ 3:15PM

Thursday 4.14 Announcements this Week 1E

  • Attendance is due by 9:00AM

  • Outdoor Training by Real School Garden (6 Teachers)

  • Tutoring ALL Tier 3 Scholars @ 3:15PM

  • All STARS Soccer Game @ S. Garland 4:30 Girls/5:30 Boys

  • Lesson Plans due by 6:00PM

Friday 4.15 Announcements this Week 1E

  • Attendance is due by 9:00AM

  • Texas Rangers Day- Wear TX Rangers or Favorite Baseball Shirt

  • Ballpark Staff Luncheon- Provided by Administration

Saturday 4.16 Happy Birthday Ms. Castro (PK)

Saturday Camp

Bryan Adams Cougar Country Creek Clean-Up Day