Storage Phoenix

Why you need to use the storage phoenix?

Are you searching for a good self storage unit? If you are looking for a temporary space to store all your valuables or to clear all things at home during your shifting time, the first thing that one has do is to search for a good self storage unit.

Storage amenities Dollies

Are available to carry your things as there is no need for you to hand pick any of the items being stored. Professional staffs are available with friendly nature that could help you at all times or whenever required for. There are ground floor and two storey units available with wide drive in path, where the entire area is fully protected or censored by the security cameras. You will be offered with the best deal which suits your needs and the accommodation. You can access all seven days in a week. Summer is coming on the way; this is the right time to store your stuffs in a cool environment.

Move your stuffs to good storage units now as this protect them from any damages caused herewith. There are many hot deals available for this summer, where you get 30 to 50% discounts on your price. You could also refer any of your friends and avail these discounts. The offers are all being combined to give you the best pricing. Truck and dollies are also available for moving your supplies or packages, you can avail them for free of cost as there is no rental charges. The first month of your rental is also made free in specific storage units, these offers can be obtained only in selective providers of self storage units. So stop thinking and grab these latest offers, the offers are there only for a particular period of time.

Motor car storage units

Do you own a luxury car? Which is more sparingly used or you drive the car only when the weather seems to be good. Whatever may be the scenario choosing a good storage unit is more important.

Rentals of storage units

The rentals are laid on a monthly basis. Online payment of your rentals are also accepted, you can now pay the rentals using the credit card option as all major credit cards are accepted.

Security and safety measures

This storage phoenix will give more security to your valuables when comparatively looking at your home. The entire unit is fully protected by various security measures right from the surveillance camera, fencing, entry restricted, limited entry with a gated surrounding. The security guards are available 24/7 basis. You can also choose an option of in house security option where this will help you to protect things a t a limited level, say the items which are stored in t your house can be protected but what about the items which are in the back yard or in the outer area. Thus choosing a good storage unit is more important as it gives your extra space and for other security purpose.