Engaging Learning Environments

From the Campfire to the Holodeck

Creating engaging learning environments to

  • boost student engagement
  • enable project based learning
  • incorporate technology
  • encourage student-led learning

Blending of 4 types of learning environments


Meaningful application of things that have been learned; solving real world problems

Thornburg's concepts to consider in building classroom learning environments

  • answering questions for students vs. allowing them to discover the answers to their questions
  • creating inquiry based learning environments
  • giving students ownership of their learning; teacher as a collaborator
  • freedom to move between learning spaces as necessary
  • greatest power lies in synergistic connection between the learning spaces

Activity 1

Directions for Activity 1

  • Independently read the NEA article Creative Ways to Use your Interactive Whiteboard (link below)
  • Take the quiz using Infuse Learning or Socrative (your choice)
  • Discuss your thinking about the article with a colleague

Infuse Learning Quiz

Socrative Quiz

Click here to access the quiz

Enter Room # 372779

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Driving Questions

  • Can the IWB be used to facilitate all 4 types of Thornburg's learning experiences?
  • How can we create interactive lessons with our IWB?
  • What do those lessons look like?
  • What resources are available to help?

Activity 2

Directions for Activity 2

  • Read the article below from Mimio's blog.
  • What connections are you making between the article and the LCISD presentation?
  • Talk about your thinking with a colleague.

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Activity 3

Directions for Activity 3

  • Explore today's resources and tools
  • Create something you can use
  • Inquire, discuss, reflect
  • Take ownership of your learning
  • Make this time work for you
  • Be prepared to share


Share your thinking

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