No More Pain!

I've always thought that the NFL is dangerous. Then I started watching a football game with my dad. Steelers were down 15 to 16, Ben Roelthisberger passes it to Antonio Brown. The referee throws the flag! Targeting on the Bengals!Steelers kick the field goal, it's good! The Steelers won the game because of a penalty, but Brown got hurt on the hit. If there were more saftey regulations then Antonio wouldn't have gotten hurt. The game of football would be less dangerous, they would have more money, and more people would wanna play football. I've always thought that the NFL was dangerous...

The NFL could be safer with more saftey regulations. There's this injury called C.T.E. (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). So in other words it's a really bad head injury. By the way, more than 20 deceased football players have been found to have had C.T.E. (Hard Knocks Schwarz Allen). Some even get it in college or highschool or any time before they join the NFL.

They could even have more money if they have more saftey regulations. They wouldn't have to try to make super-duper-cool high tech gear for the football players. But it might not be so good for the referees though. The referees might get less money. Or the same amount of money, but with less referees. But if they payed the referees less then they could have more improved stadiums, more teams with more players, and more everything else. But the best part would be for the football players. But you might not know why, well it's because they would get more money, and less injuries, but I think the money part is better.
Maybe if there were more saftey regulations more people would probably wanna play football. Some parents might even want their kids to play football. The reason parents might not want their kids tomplay football is because it's to dangerous. But if there were more saftey regulations then more parents would want theier kids to play football, and that would mean more football players, and as I said before, more teams too. I don't know what percentage of people would be, but maybe it would be somewhere around 10%.
But if there were more saftey regulations the game wouldn't be as exciting. Less people would watch the game. If less people watch football at the stadiums then the team would make less money. But if they kept the same amount of saftey regulations then would maybe make the same amount. But some people only go to watch football games because of certain football players. So if those certain people got hurt then less people would go to the games. So that means if their are more saftey regulations, then those certain people/players probably wouldn't get hurt. So if people are going to see certain people then they would come because they would be in the game playing football.
If you think about it I'm mostly right. If your kid wants to play football, then take a stand in your community. If you want your kid to play football without getting hurt, then tell the coach. Tell him waht you think. Maybe at his next meeting he might bring up the subject. If his favorite player is hurt it will work really well.


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