My amazing country

information on my country and my flag

My country is Romania and the capital of Romania is Bucharest and this is my flag.The Romanian flag was origanaly designed after france .Also the colors were put on the flag after Walachia (red and yellow) and Moldavia (red and blue) which united in 1862to form Romania.

where is my country

Romania is in the southeastern part of Europe. The countries that surround Romania are Hungary,Serbia,Moldova, and many others.

The government

Romania is a republic government that is lead by president Klaus IOHANNIS (Since 21 December 2014.

How are they chosen?-The leaders are always chosen by the citizens (voting)

What rights ,roles,and responsibilities?-the citizens must vote for a leader,must pay taxes and they have to pay for house income also.

Major landforms

Transylvania Alps, the Eastern Carpathians ,the Western Carpathians ,and the Moldavian Plateau

The Major Bodies of water

the major bodies of water are the Sighisoara ,Brasvo ,the black sea,Danube River,the Timisoara ,Scornicesti.

what is the affect from humans?

Well there is lots flooding of from all the water all around it.People cut down trees so there is lots of dry land. Lastly the Romans are caging bears which throws off the animal kingdom

The economy

my nation is a rich nation because their GDP=$199.1 billion

The Romanians have a certain kind of money that looks way different from Americas money also they call theirs Romanian Leu that goes up to $500 or higher.

Import and Export

Romania's import and export is machinery,chemicals,fuels,and minerals also metals textile products,and lastly agricultural products.

life expectancy,birth rate,literacy rate and drinking source

life expectancy-male-71.46 years and women-78.59 years

birth rate-9.14 births/1,000 population

literacy rate- male-99.1%/female-98.5%

drinking source-improved - urban: 100%and rural 100%

unimproved-urban 0% and rural 0%

Traditional clothing

Romans wear these skirts with shirts that have puffy sleaves and head garments.

Major Languages

their Romanians languages are 81.50% Roman

The Holidays

The Holidays that Romania celebrates are New Years,Union of Romania,Othodox Easter Monday, Labor day, Whit Monday , and the Assumption


The religion of the romans are is a like God is symbol of faith so they are Roman Catholic.Also the bible didn't exsict to them at all it was a myth to them.


general weather-mostly cold weather other than July and August at that time it is warmer

average rainfall-30mm to 79mm per year for average rainfall

yearly tempature- a low 23 degreesF. in january and a high 84.2 degrees F. in July and August

Effect from climate- well there is lots of flooding so it may flood houses also it colder for a longer amount of time.


A massacre happened in .Oct.1 1895,Germany and Romania had a war Also a series of invasions happened by Germany. Romania dictor was finally overthrown and excuted in late1939 after harsh treatment to the cizens

compare and contrast

The US has a limited government but Romania has a unlimited government. Also the religion of Romania is Roman Catholic but for the US we don't have a pacific government like Romania