Digital Footprint

What is it?

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A Digital Footprint is...

  • Anything and everything under your name on the internet.
  • Anything anybody can find about you.

My Footprint

  • My Footprint really doesn't have anything in it.
  • Throughout this semester I have made accounts on Blogger, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I don't really use them at all and have only made one blog post.
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The impact that this has on me in very small, I barely have any footprint, so I can't have anything negative on it. On the other hand, having no footprint isn't the best either. It makes it seem like I don't do anything at all, not just not doing bad things. This might discourage someone who wants to heir me when they look me up.

Can I improve?

Yes, I can improve by posting positive things on blogger, twitter and Facebook or LinkedIn. Positive things like how I help out someone or my community, If i do any volunteer work or good things that happen in my life.

What have I Learned?

During this semester I have learned many things, But the most Important thing is that you shouldn't post anything negative online because anyone and anybody can see. It doesn't matter if your account is on privet, Your followers can screenshot and pass it on. Things on the internet never stay in one place and can never be gone forever.