Keith Hirsch

An unfortunate story

Evanescence - Imaginary

A lyrical summery

        I linger in the doorway
        Of alarm clock screaming
        Monsters calling my name
        Let me stay
        Where the wind will whisper to me
        Where the raindrops, as they’re falling, tell a story

How this song relates to my identity

The song song talks mostly about hiding in an inner world of your own design in order to escape from the harshness of reality. It also talks about hiding from ones own personal demons and that this is not a subconscious act but rather a deliberate one. These are acts I frequently partake of and have done since childhood. These acts have in large part shaped my mannerisms, habits and personality. It is arguable that the acts portrayed in this song embody the bases of my identity.

How the image reflects me

The child represents me, scared, fragile and alone. The toys on the shelf represent my happiness; small and out of reach. The walls represent my inner strength; damaged and decaying with the passage of time. The monsters are the embodiment of the pains of my past and my personal demons, creeping in and slowly consuming me.

Audrie Pott, a summery

        Audrie Pott committed suicide as a direct result of bullying at school, but her parents, Larry and Sheila Pott, are being accused of partial blame as they should have been aware of there daughters fragile emotional state and did not seek professional help.

The connection to me

I myself was bullied as a child, to the point of considering suicide. Unlike Audrie Pott I was able to get past those demons, although similarly to her my parents where never aware of my fragile emotional state and never sot out professional help. Because of these facts I automatically feel a relate-ability to her and her story. Being bullied, as with any traumatic experience, it has helped shape me into the person I am today.