Peek at the Week


Wed., Aug. 14

  • PJHS Back to School Celebration! 5:30-6:00 p.m. for 6th Grade, 6:15-7:30 p.m.for entire school

Thurs., Aug. 15

Fri., Aug. 16

  • First Day of School! All Student Assemblies in Cafeteria
  1. O Team Student Assembly: 9:00-9:10
  2. N Team Student Assembly 9:15-9:25
  3. T Team Student Assembly 9:45-9:55
  4. H Team Student Assembly 10:05-10:15
  5. P Team Student Assembly 10:35-10:45
  6. Y Team Student Assembly 10:55-11:05

  • MAP Middle School Fall Testing Window Opens (August 16-September 13)

Creating a Culture of Love

Dear PJHS Staff,

As we set out to ensure that all of our students and their family members BELIEVE in their hearts that they BELONG, it is important for us to stop to reflect on how each of us- students, parents/guardians, staff members, community members- all carry invisible backpacks containing experiences that affect relationships and interactions every day. While we often don't know what is in the backpack of another person, we can intentionally work to establish positive relationships that create social, emotional, and academic safety for all. As we persist together in this goal, we will create a culture of LOVE. I encourage you to reflect on your plans for the beginning of the school year and lay a firm foundation of love BEFORE moving into academics. Emotional safety is necessary for learning to take place. There are few tips below showing how our routine back-to-school activities may be viewed as harmful when experienced through a different lens. I found this thought-provoking and wanted to share. I'm also sharing a short video about how positive relationships help the stressed brain.

Hope you are having a great weekend,


Understanding Trauma: Learning Brain vs Survival Brain

Special Notes, Week of 8-12-19


  1. Go to the Beach! Our Google Classroom, The Beach at PJHS, is up and running! This is the shared location for all administrivia. Email if you need information added. Join with the following code: hsaf9r.

  2. Institute Schedule: I believe the schedule is ready! :)

  3. Data Wall: The data wall will be up on Monday, August 19th. Please let me know if you need access before then. Thank you!

  4. Committee Sign-Up: Please consider participating in a committee this year. "Many hands make light work." (and a great school!) If you have an idea for a team you would like to start, please let me know.

  5. Parent/Volunteer Mandatory Background Check/Screening: Any parents or volunteers who come into the school and work with students must be screened. This includes during the school day, as well as volunteers who work with students as part of before and after school clubs. This DOES NOT include people attending parties, and after school concession workers at public events. If you have a parent/community member who needs to be screened, please direct them to the office so that this may be completed BEFORE they begin working with students. Thank you!

  6. Supervision Plan: Please take another look at the supervision plan for this year. We have some open spots to cover that are in orange. Thank you!

  7. Stop the Bleed Kit: We added a "Stop the Bleed" kit to our AED box. This is a kit that contains compression/bandage materials to control bleeding while giving immediate first aid.

  8. Sound Baffling Update: The sound baffling in the cafeteria is still in the works, but we will not have it in place until this Fall.

  9. 1-1 Distribution on Monday, August 19th: Schedule/Procedure Let me know if you see something horribly wrong with this plan.

  10. Email! Email can be great, and email can be a real pain! My goal is to process email twice a day, including Saturday, and it may be at a really odd time. If you need an immediate response, please text or put a sticky note on my forehead. If you get an email from me on the weekend/in the evening, PLEASE just let it sit there. There is absolutely NO expectation of replies at odd hours/weekends. It's really important to disconnect and enjoy life!! :)

  11. Lanyards: Unit 5 is providing a lanyard for all students. Students will need to swipe their ID card any time they are entering or exiting a bus, including field trips and athletic events. They also need their ID at lunch. The first replacement of student ID is free. After that, ID’s are $3.00 each. This will be handled in the office as it was last year using student accounts (no cash). Please talk as a team about how you can help your students keep track of their lanyard/ID. Maybe coaching them to have a special "drop spot" at home for their backpack and lanyard?

  12. Video at Back to School Celebration: Could anyone help take video snips of the Back to School Celebration? I want to make a video to celebrate the celebration. Then later, we can celebrate the celebration of the celebration. :)

  13. Don't Let the Dogs Out... Woof... Woof, Woof, Woof: There will be two service dogs in the building this year.

  14. Team Webpages: Please update your team page with 19-20 information. Let Kristen know when this is done so that we can open that section of the website back up. Thank you!

  15. That Paper is Expensive! Apparently, the price of paper has increased by nearly 25% from last year! Who knew?! Please resist the urge to copy everything.

  16. Rotary Grant Opportunity: From Dr. Daniel: I am attaching a $500 Rotary grant opportunity specifically for programs supporting students in their learning of service to others, high ethical standards, and character building. This is sponsored by the Sunrise Rotary Club which I am a member. Please distribute to your teachers/staff for consideration. The deadline is October 15.

  17. Infinite Campus App: IC has an app for students and families but does not yet have an educator app. BOOOO!!! If you need to take attendance via your phone, it does open up pretty nicely on a web browser, so there's that. YAAAAAY!

  18. U5 Instructional Technology Blog Post: Important Info. and videos on new tech tools.

  19. Ed's Instructional Tech Coaching Schedule:

  • Tuesday: PJHS
  • Thursday AM Only: PJHS
  • Friday PM: Flex

Continued from Last Week:

  1. Team Letters: District-wide, we are moving to electronic communications instead of mailings. Save the trees!! Student schedules and team letters will be delivered electronically on August 5.

  2. Student Schedules: We will give paper copies to Language Arts teachers to hand out as needed at Back to School Night and/or the first few days of school.

  3. Master Schedule: Link to Master Schedule

  4. 8th Grade Lunch Supervision Needed: We are still in need of supervisors for 8th-grade lunch. Please, everyone, don’t storm the door. Form a nice orderly line, and we will take volunteers on a first-come, first-served basis. :)

  5. Still Looking for Lunch Supervisors: If you know of a parent or community member interested in supervising at lunch, please let me know. It's $10 an hour! We need a few more people! Thank you!

  6. Staff Update: Congratulations to Darcie Sivyer, new 6th-Grade Social Studies/Language Arts teacher! Welcome to the PJHS Family!

  7. Full 2019-2020 Calendar Link: As things are added or changed, I will add them in bold. "BLUE IS NEW!" If you see a problem or want to add items to the weekly notes or the calendar, please let me know.

  8. Contact Information: If you need assistance, please feel free to call or text Suzi at: 217-274-2715, DeAndre at: 309-212-1760, and/or Bill at: 309-242-6125

Back to School Night Celebration! We have ONE chance to make a great first impression!

  1. Back to School Night, August 14, Purpose: This is a night to start the important work of building positive relationships so that our students and their families know they BELONG at PJHS! Our families are invited to celebrate the beginning of the school year, enjoy being a part of the PJHS community, and feel comfortable and prepared for the start of school.

  2. Back to School Night, August 14, Logistics:

  • Times: 6th Grade: 5:30-6:00 p.m. and 6th-8th Grade:6:15-7:30 p.m.

  • Parking: Staff, please park at Parkside Elementary to make room in our parking lot for families.

  • Need Help: We need 6 people available to run three welcome tables in the entryway to greet students/families, give names of Language Arts Teachers, hand out checklists, and sell t-shirts/bags. Please email me if you can help with this. Thank you!

  • Need Signs: Could someone make signs for the hallways that say "6th", "7th", "8th"? Could someone make signs that say "Welcome to PJHS! You BELONG!" to hang over the welcome table?

  • Attire: Please wear your new "You Belong" T-shirt. You can pick it up in the office from Lisa on Wednesday.

  • New: Cheerleaders will be making a spirit line for students and parents as they enter the building! Yay!!

  • Procedures:

    • 6th grade will have team meetings in the cafeteria or gym from 5:30-6:00 p.m.

    • Welcome table with checklists/T-shirts in the entryway.

    • Food Trucks: Kona Ice, Healthy in a Hurry, Curbside Grillin’, and Mr. Softee.

    • We will have tables set up outside. (Rain plan in the cafeteria.)

    • Families will receive a checklist when they enter the building that encourages them to visit various areas of the school. The checklist ends with a visit to the Language Arts Teacher for a special treat (office will provide)! Rather than hand out pens/pencils to everyone, please take the checklist as a "ticket" for a treat.

    • Language Arts Teachers will have extra paper copies of student schedules and locker numbers.

    • Office/Counseling- We will be roving with student lists by Language Arts Teacher so that we can send students/families in the right direction. We will also have locker number lists.