--Keep the communication flowing-- September 16, 2016--

Certificated Evaluation Schedule

Linked here is the list of certificated staff members who are receiving formal evaluations this school year. The list is sorted by which administrator will be working with you. Please reach out to the administrator (or his/her secretary) to schedule a goals & objectives meeting and 1st observation. Goal meetings must be completed by October 20th and 1st observation no later than October 28th.


Classroom Visits

It is a goal of Dr. Franklin that every classroom/teacher is visited by an administrator on a weekly basis. Between the four of us, we have divided the school into zones and have assigned a zone per week to each administrator. If it works, all administrators will visit every classroom at a minimum one time per month.

Administrators may use i-Pads and Progress Adviser to document a visit and provide teachers with feedback from our informal, quick check-ins. If you see us with an i-Pad clicking away, please know that our notes will be emailed to you within 24 hours of the visit. I tried it this week on a "demo teacher" and one practice walk-through generated an immediate email while another generated the email 12 hours later. Go figure, technology? The emails are not warm and fuzzy in their design--emojis can't be added to celebrate our amazement of our observations.

The Progress Adviser will help us calibrate our visits and feedback in addition to documenting our visits for Dr. Franklin. Progress Adviser is a pilot program at select TUSD schools this year and is designed to help administration with our practices.

Visitors to THS - September 28th

On September 28th from 7:45 - 10:45 a.m., TUSD TOSAs plan on visiting classrooms. Visiting THS will be Dawn Lam, Alison Bruner, and Kristin Hartloff.

The purpose of their visit is to gauge where teachers are in the following areas:

1) Using TUSD units of study in math

2) Shifting teaching to more of a student centered approach, pushing the cognitive load out to students

3) ELA teachers and writing instruction, continuing the work from the August 25 PD day

4) Transition to NGSS

Please continue with your regularly scheduled instruction. I am confident in the work you are doing in aligning to TUSD & THS goals!

October 19th - College Assessment Day

Great effort in preparation is taking place to plan a seamless day on October 19th when all seniors take the SAT, juniors take the PSAT, sophomores take the Schmoop PSAT and freshman will tour a local university.

Much thanks go to the counselors, administrative team and site TEA representatives for working on a schedule for October 19th that honors the contract agreements regarding prep periods AND supporting our school wide college going culture.

It was agreed to make October 19th a modified day with students attending from 7:45 - 12:15 p.m. to take the tests. No class periods will occur. Students will be assigned to CCR classes for test administration....much more will follow on the particulars.

Teachers will work their regularly scheduled 6 3/4 hour day. After student dismissal, teaching staff will have their 30 minute duty free lunch followed by preparation/collaboration time.

The instructional minutes will be "swapped" to offer the minimum day by making November 16th a regular bell schedule. It was previously slated as a late start Wednesday.

Much more information will follow for this incredible day!

Minimum Day - Friday!

Yes, enjoy a minimum day on Friday, September 23 in recognition of your extra time on Tuesday's Back to School Night.

Illuminate Password

Teachers - to access schoolwide assessment data results on Illuminate, please use the following credentials:

username: cmatos

password: gotillers

Facilities Update

Main Entrance - The front entry area is 85% complete! The main office will re-open effective Monday, September 19th.

Library Backyard/Lunch Area - We continue to work with M & O and contractors to update student areas. The next project (fingers crossed) will be the Library Backyard and planter boxes (dirt) area near the Student Store. We are hoping to resurface the area with cement and more artificial turf.

Lambert Fields - Work continues with projected opening of the turf/softball fields in early Spring.

Campus Beautification - please reinforce with students to use trashcans and toss gum into trash containers to protect our cement work. We would hate to rename walkways with "pok-a-dot alley."