VCR Presentation 4

Sydney Everett

Fill in the Blank!!!

Political scientists believe that for her time period, Cleopatra was the most powerful __________ the world had ever seen.

The Word


n. Monarch; a ruler possessing great power


POSSUM, POSSE, POTUI < L "to be able to" "to have power"

A powerful monarch is able to make decisions on behalf of their kingdom because they have power.

Related Words


  • ruler
  • monarch
  • King/Queen

  • servant

Other Forms

  • potentates (plural)


Choose the sentence that uses to bold word incorrectly.

a) Cleopatra wanted to rid the planet of her enemies, so she had her spies plant a potentate potion into their chalice at the feast.

b) Cleopatra, a potentate of Egypt, was not responsible for building the pyramids.

c) John F. Kennedy can not be considered a potentate in the sense of being monarch, but he could be in the sense that it is a powerful ruler.

d) The potentate of Rome was brutally murdered by his best friend Brutus.