Mrs. Peters' Third Grade Class

December Newsletter

Math in December

  • WCO: Create a process to solve a problem
  • WCO: Determine patterns using models

We are going to start working on Ch. 10 in math, fractions. The essential question is, “How can fractions to represent numbers and their parts?” You might be wondering why we skipped to Chapter 10. Good question! Chapters 6-7 are continuing with multiplication and division. We wanted to focus on some other strands of math and then will cycle back to Chapters 6-7 toward the end of the school year!

Reading in December

  • WCO: Create meaning strategically in reading, writing, speaking, and listening

We are continuing our work on strategies of good readers. We are going to focus on “Thick and Thin” questions, summarizing, inferring, and supporting our thinking with text evidence. Students are starting to think deeply about their reading through concept-maps, graphic organizers, and even creating “business cards” to represent a character!

Science in December

  • WCO: Evaluate the relationship between cause and effect

We are going to learn about matter! Students will be studying the states of matter and changes in those states. Get your science goggles and let’s do some experiments!

Writing in December

  • WCO: Create meaning strategically in reading, writing, speaking, and listening

We are finishing up our unit on writing to explain with a “best piece” of writing that will be published in their ePortfolio. This process includes each child choosing their “best explain piece” to publish on their chromebook. Then, after a series of comments back and forth, we land on our “best piece,” which will be graded on the rubric. Each student will also complete a winter writing anchor and will receive personalized writing goals based on the 6-trait rubric. We are continuing to add to our “author’s toolbox.” Hopefully you are noticing your child using these tools that we have learned from published authors to make a better picture in our readers’ minds. Thank you for taking the time to respond to your child’s Friday letters each week. They love to read your letters! If your child does not have his/her journal, they write it on a piece of paper and then need to glue that paper into the Friday letters journal.

Winter Party

Thursday, Dec. 17th, 1:45pm

3350 Summit View Parkway

Highlands Ranch, CO

Please come from 1:40-2:40 to join us for our Winter Party!