Heroes and Texan Horns Newsletter

For the week of 12/7

A note from Mrs. Carpenter

Hi, parents! Hopefully, you have received the letter I gave to your student about ordering a recorder for our Recorder Unit in Performing Arts class. (If you have not received the letter, don't worry, it is attached to below.) I just want to remind everyone that recorder orders are due on Friday, Dec. 11 and I do not accept late orders.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me by emailing me directly at: carmen.carpenter@leanderisd.org

Carmen Carpenter
Performing Arts Teacher


Texan Horns and Heroes in the garden Thursday

Dear Parents,

This Thursday or Friday, your child’s class will be taking part in our annual nature wreath event in the Titan Garden. We love this tradition because it helps show our students how much beauty they are surrounded by every single day in nature. Volunteers will be donating clippings from their gardens but we would also like to ask you to take a moment with your student and look around your yard and gardens for something that could be added to our wreaths. You can either donate for general use or if you have something truly unique you can donate specifically for your child’s class wreath. Here are some suggestions and instructions:

1. Donations can be dropped off Thursday or Friday morning in the RPE Titan Garden

2. If you are donating specifically for your child’s class wreath, please label it in some way with the teacher’s name.

3. Clip as large an amount as you can. When adding to wreaths, flowers and other unique items look best in bunches. Also include enough length of branch or stem so it can be wired into the wreath.

  • magnolia branches (not just single leaves), pittosporum branches, rosemary branches (any unique leaf shapes are welcome and those with waxy coatings last longer)
  • Magnolia flower seed heads
  • any kind of pine or juniper
  • Seed head blooms on ornamental grasses (bunches of these work best).
  • Burr oak acorns attached to branches (we need the branches to be able to write them onto the wreath)
  • arizona cypress with blue-green foliage
  • autumn sumac with bright red-orange color
  • branches with pomegranates or persimmon fruits
  • Anything with a great color or texture.
  • flowers

If you have any questions, please email Bonnie Martin at bonnielaurie@austin.rr.com. Thank you for your help.

In Need of a Few Awesome Volunteers

If you are interested volunteering with small groups during math, this is for you! Lessons and activities will be provided!!

Ms. Hurd's Homeroom: 8:00 - 8:30/8:45 any day of your choice

Ms. Torres's Homeroom: 11:15 - 11:45/12:00 any day of your choice

Please email Ms. Torres if you are interested. Thanks in advance!

New school hours beginning in January

New times will be 7:45 - 2:50. More information can be found here: http://www.leanderisd.org/default.aspx?name=dis.news2&a=954

Leader in Me Habit of the Week

With middle of year benchmarks approaching, our Leader In Me discussions over the next two weeks will focus on having a growth mindset. Here are a few examples of growth mindset statements:

· I persevere when I am frustrated.

· I can always improve.

· Mistakes help me learn.

· I am inspired by people who succeed.

· My effort and attitude make all the difference.

· I like to challenge myself.

· I can learn anything that I want to.

Important Dates

12/8 RPE Talent Show at 6 p.m.

12/11 Wreath-making in the garden @ 10:15-10:45

12/11 Recorder Orders Due

12/17 Polar Express Day

12/18 4th grade Holiday Parties @ 10:15-11:15

Our Learning Targets...

Reading - I can use context clues to determine the meanings of multiple-meaning words.

Writing - I can use the writing process to complete an expository essay.

Social Studies - I can identify the accomplishments and economic motivations of European explorers and explain the impact of these explorations on the settlement of the Western Hemisphere.

Math – I can represent decimals, including tenths and hundredths, using concrete and visual models and money. I can compare and order decimals using concrete and visual models to the hundredths. I can relate decimals to fractions that name tenths and hundredths. PACE: I can compare and order two decimals to thousandths and represent comparisons using the symbols >, <, or =. I can round decimals to tenths or hundredths.

Science - I can compare and contrast a variety of mixtures and solutions.

Check out Ms. Torres' Math Website for Challenge Activities

Interested in helping your child expand their mathematical thinking? https://sites.google.com/a/leanderisd.org/mstorres4thgrade/math-links

Youcubed, Figure This, and NRICH offer different levels of activities for ALL students to deepen their understanding of mathematics. Check them out!

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