Paramedic Interview

By: Tristen Slate

How did you get involved?

Kristy Slate has been a paramedic for two years. She was first interested when she watched her own mother take care of their sick family members. She decided to finally go back to school when her job at a title company wasn't working out and she wanted something new.

What's in the future?

Kristy see her self working as a paramedic ten years form now. She even has opportunities for advancement in her career, nursing, PA, flight paramedic, and being promoted to different levels in her fire department. Kristy is also able to work at many different places including hospitals, ambulance companies, fire departments, helicopter teams, and oil fields.


"As long as there is sick people paramedics will always be needed" -Kristy Slate

Everything needed for this career

Kristy went through a lot of training to become a paramedic and continues to, to keep her skills up. Before paramedic school Kristy had to go to EMT school. She had to become CPR certified attend ACLS classes, PHPLS classes, and PALS classes. All of this training is available to everyone outside of high school and college. It took Kristy four months to go through EMT school and nine months for paramedic school.

Whats it all about?

Kristy's typical day at the station includes cleaning around the station, washing the ambulances and fire trucks, checking for supplies on all vehicles, and waiting for the tones to go off so they can run a call. At Kristy's fire department Eagle Mountain she is allowed 12hrs of vacation time every pay period. A typical call is chest pain, car wreck or a diabetic. Kristy's favorite part about her job is being able to help people in need.

What was the most interesting call you ever went on?

The station was toned out for a drowning of a toddler, but when they showed up to the house there was more to it then that kid just fell in. The toddler has an older sister that is not fond of him at all. She decided to push toddler into the back yard pool, then after watching him struggle and inhale so much water she pulled him out and called 911. The little boy was not breathing the paramedics arrived. On the ride to the hospital the toddler was revived and later suffered from ammonia. The paramedics found out this was not the only time the sister has tired to kill the toddler, she had attempted two times before this. With this being the third time the sister was removed from the home, when asked why she did it she said "because he takes everything from me, he doesn't need to be around any more."