Harold Chimney

For President!

About Chimney

Chimney has been trying to run for predient since early 1970's. He is a great leader, and always knows what to do in different situations. He never gives up once he has his mind set to something. Chimney has a wife, Kelly, 5 children, Joe, Sam, Justin, Destiny, and Tyler, and a dog, Lucky.

How Presidents Get the Power.

The people of Ocean Spray vote for people they think would be good at the job. Then they had a top two, and they all vote again. Whoever has the most votes between the two, is the president of Ocean Spray.
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Holding the Office

Every person that is president automatically gets for sure 4 years in office. After the 4 years are up they can run for office again, but if they make it the following 4 years they would not be able to run anymore. The most years a president could ever run for is 8 years, for a lifetime.