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Yolo Charter | November 2020

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A Word From our Principal, Jason Bee

Greetings, Compass Yolo!

I hope this newsletter finds you all in good spirits and health. As we close in on the end of 2020, it’s a great time to reflect on all of the work and how far we have come since the beginning of the school year.

I’m thankful that I have been able to meet many of you since the beginning of the school year, and I hope that you will be able to find time to join me and our Assistant Principal, Ms. Karle Roberts, at our next Yolo Coffee with the Principal.

Keep an eye out for this event and many others on Parent Square as they are important opportunities to come together as a school and celebrate our scholars' success. I hope you enjoy this quarter’s newsletter as it celebrates our school community and spotlights our scholars, teachers, and families and all the work they do each and every day as we challenge and inspire each other to overcome challenges and aspire to reach our goals.

Forever Loud and Proud!

Jason A. Bee

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What's Been Happening at the Yolo Charter?

CCS scholars and teachers have been very busy this year! Between weekly learning labs, connections meetings, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and clubs, there is always something going on and ways to engage in learning and getting to know your classmates. In addition, we always find the time to come together and celebrate, as can be seen in the pictures below!

Spirit Week!

Spirit Week was a blast at CCS Yolo! We all had a lot of fun dressing up and celebrating our school spirit during virtual celebrations and on social media! Here are a few of us showing off our school spirit during Spirit Week!
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Elementary Halloween Parade!

It was so great to see all of our youngest scholars come all dressed up in their Halloween costumes! Thanks to the Online Elementary Team for putting together this fun event!
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Veterans Day Recognition

Even though Veteran's Day was a day off from school, Niko H. (second grader) spent time learning about the meaning of the holiday. He then painted this American flag for his neighbor, who is a veteran.
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Work Samples and Learning Labs!

Options Scholars

Addition Practice!

Elena E. shows her first-grade addition practice using a number line.
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Solar Systems!

Samyama M., a TK scholar who has been learning about the planets and the Solar System. I love how she has given them such personalities in her drawing!
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Drawing Skills!

Thomas A., a middle school scholar, shows his growing artistic talent in his art class.
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Natasha H. sent postcards to Texans to encourage them to go out and vote.
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Quantum Physics!

Roberts, seventh-grader, has been working on Quantum Physics. He has done some research into what makes up an atom.
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Sign Language Skills!

Adriana C., an 11-grader of Ms. Moyher’s, demonstrates parts below how to sign “Hi, my name is Adriana!” in American Sign Language.
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Online Scholars

Function Notation!

Algebra 2 online high school scholars practice their function notation in the live Algebra 2 learning lab.
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Scholar Spotlight: Meet Drennan and Gianna T.!, Options Scholars

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Distance learning was not a good fit for us, and when we found out that we could enroll our children in Compass Charter Schools, we were beyond thrilled. Coming from an educational background, we know how important it is to foster a lifelong love of learning for our children, Gianna (eighth-grade) and Drennan (first-grade). We are first-time homeschoolers, and the Options Program has not only encouraged our kids to accept their true selves, but they can now learn at their own pace.

This journey has helped us reclaim our family time, and my children's learning needs are finally being met! Being able to handpick curriculum is preparing Gianna for high school rigor and allows her to explore her love of the sciences through hands-on activities beyond textbook pages.

Drennan is engaged, looks forward to his speech therapy sessions, and loves Compass's subscriptions. Outside of school time, the kids like to create new projects, collecting Funko Pops, participate in CrossFit and swimming, and attend live music concerts. Being a part of the Compass Family has enabled us to embrace our interests, now more than ever.

Learning Coach - Paulina Tatum and Supervising Teacher - Christina Vert

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Scholar Spotlight: Meet Cameron I, First-Grade Scholar!

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We chose Compass Charter School for our son Cameron to provide him with comprehensive and well-rounded education tailored to meet his individual interests and needs. Our kindergarten year was wonderful, and we are excited to be with Compass again for first grade.

Cameron is truly flourishing with his personalized educational plan, and he loves the flexibility to pursue his interests. He enjoys karate, spending time outside as a family, and researching his favorite topics like the weather and animals. One of his favorite places to go is the Birch Aquarium.

Cameron frequently shares that math and science are his favorite subjects. He currently would like to be a meteorologist when he grows up! I believe a big part of his love of learning has been the ability to choose a curriculum that meets his needs and learning style combined with real-world, hands-on experiences.

We are thankful to have such a wonderful partnership with our supervising teacher and his speech therapist, and we have loved our experience with Compass.

Learning Coach - Lauren Ignacz and Supervising Teacher - Christina Vert

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Staff Spotlight: Meet Mrs. Kim Love, Online Elementary Teacher!

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In her seventh year at Compass, Mrs. Love is one of our most experienced online elementary teachers. Along with her teaching duties, she is an active member of the Online Learning Committee and a Supervising Teacher (Homeroom) and the primary contact for her scholars and learning coaches and their educational-related needs.

Mrs. Love shares how much she enjoys working alongside the scholar's learning coach to help provide the scholar with the best educational experience that all children deserve to have.

“Most importantly, I am here to support the scholar’s educational, emotional, and academic well-being,” Mrs. Love reflects when asked about her role here at CCS.

She explains her “why” for being a supervising teacher at Compass is because, “It allows me to do what I love most, help inspire, and develop young scholars while caring for my family at home. There is truly no other school that I would rather be teaching for; CCS is the best!”

All Compass teachers serve dual roles, to support scholars and learning coaches. One of the most important pieces of advice that Mrs. Love would like to share, is to remind the learning coach that communication between them and their supervising teacher is as important as with the scholar's primary teacher. The learning coach and supervising teacher must work as a team, share questions and concerns, collaborate and problem-solve, and celebrate the scholar's accomplishments and achievements. The relationship created with each CCS family and their supervising teacher impacts the overall Compass experience.

When not teaching, Mrs. Love is a swim instructor at Jan Thomas Swim School in Clovis, the largest seasonal swim school in the United States. She enjoys spending her free time with her family and vacationing at the beach in their travel trailer. They love to spend time at Avila Beach on the Central Coast!

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Staff Spotlight: Meet Christina Vert, Supervising Teacher with the Options Program!

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My name is Christina Vert, and I am a Supervising Teacher with Compass Charter Schools. This is my second year working for Compass and my ninth year in education!

My favorite quote about education is:

"You will not reap the fruit of individuality in your children if you clone their education."

~Marilyn Howshall

This is why I do what I do. I want to celebrate each child’s individuality and foster their education to meet their needs best. I love working closely with families to help children reach their goals. My goal is for each child to be able to create a life that they love. My passion is to support scholars in any way I can to help them reach their life goals.

As an educator, my one piece of advice for learning coaches is not to be scared of making mistakes. I promise, as long as you are trying your best, you are doing enough. Make memories with learning and teach your child skills that they would not always get in a traditional classroom setting. Be curious with your children and foster their curiosity. If a lesson goes wrong, that is okay! All you are teaching your children is sometimes things don’t go perfectly, but we LEARN and get better each time.

One thing very few people know about me is that I know how to clog! I used to compete in clogging competitions growing up! I am out of practice now, but I am sure I can still put my dance skills to use if the right music is on! I have performed at Disneyland multiple times (both for clogging and marching band)! Another fun fact- I can play the clarinet!

My family and I love to have picnics at the park, go hiking, pick apples, and play board games. I have a two-year-old and a five-year-old that keep me very busy! We also love to ride bikes!

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