Chester Elementary School

December 7, 2018

Greetings Parents! It's a busy month at CES!

We are in the midst of a busy, productive December. Last Friday we held an awards assembly acknowledging several academic and citizenship accomplishments from many of our outstanding CES students! Teachers identified and completed certificates to recognize our incredible students. Saturday, Ms. Klimek's class held their Breakfast with Santa event, and not only provided a positive and enjoyable experience for many young people, but made a little money for their spring Plumas to Pacific field trip. Also, our wonderful PTA completed their Penguin Patch event, and provided students with an opportunity to shop for their family and learn a little more about giving rather than receiving during this holiday season. Ms. Whalen also had her drama club kick off meeting last week where she welcomed over 40 students and their families.

These next two weeks teachers will continue to push our students academically because we recognize that we have limited time with students and so much to learn. On Thursday, December 20 teachers may have some small celebrations in their classrooms, and at 2:00 we'll spend the last 30-40 minutes to come together and sing a few songs. Winter break will start on December 21 (assuming we don't have any snow days these next couple weeks), and we will welcome our students back on January 7, 2019.

This may be a great time to encourage your child to set some productive goals/resolutions for 2019. Maybe they can set a goal to read so many books, master times tables, spend more outdoor exercise time and less screen time, or another idea? (I've set several goals/resolutions, including learning more about our students, families, staff and curriculum, as well as catching a big fish at Lake Almanor, hiking every week this summer, taking my wife and grandson on a trip and riding my bike around the lake when the weather gets warmer. We love our new community!)

In closing, please know that we appreciate the opportunity to work with our students and families, and want to wish all of you an outstanding holiday season with family and friends.

Books make great presents! Reading time over the holidays?

Tis the Season! Maybe some books for your child could serve as a stocking stuffer? We hope all of our students have rich libraries at home to enhance their reading skills. Books are the gifts that keep on giving - children typically enjoy reading books over and over again. Hopefully our families can carve out 20-30 minutes 3-4 evenings/week for reading? Children reading independently, or reading with an adult or older sibling is a great way to wind down for the evening, reduce screen time, and even have some quality discussions about the book content. Below is a link to a brief article about the benefits of reading to your child, along with some lists of children's books. Enjoy!

Coin Drive to Support Paradise Elementary School

Thanks to the thoughtfulness of Ms. Whalen's class, and 5th grader Craig, we have started a coin drive to support Paradise Elementary School and Butte County School District. (Apparently, we sponsored a coin drive last year to help hurricane victims and collected over $2,000 in change!? Amazing!) Feel free to drop off any donations to the silver garbage can located in or near the front office. Ms. Whalen's class and Craig will be working together to promote, collect and count the change, then will forward 100% of the proceeds to Butte County Office of Education, attn Paradise Elementary School to support the victims of the Camp Fire. Thank you!

Wet Winter Weather - Please make sure your child dresses appropriately

One of many things I love about Chester Elementary School is this phrase about our students being "tough mountain kids." This philosophy fits perfectly with my prior experiences - we want to help support raising resilient students who can withstand a little weather. Throughout these next few months, we are going to have days at school where we have rain and snow. In most instances, we will be sending students outside for a break to play and get some fresh air. Therefore, it's important that we all pay attention to the weather and dress appropriately - water resistant jackets or coats, water-resistant boots, warm pants, gloves, etc. We appreciate your understanding. Please let me know if you have questions, concerns, special circumstances, or considerations.


Upcoming Dates

Dec 11-13 - Ms. Michelle's Art Project 2:45-3:45 (Weds until 4:30) - limited space, contact: for more information

Dec 17 - K students will sing a Christmas song at Monday Morning Meeting (approx 8:30)

Dec 19 - CES Site Council Meeting

Dec 20 - 1st-6th Christmas sing-along (2:00-2:35) - each class will sing a song

Dec 21-- Possible make up snow day (if we have any snow days in the next couple weeks)

Dec 21 - Jan 4 - Christmas break

Thanks for your support!

We enjoy partnering with our parents to provide an exceptional elementary education for all of our students. We appreciate your ongoing support to benefit our students. Please let us know if you have any questions.