3rd Grade News

September 1st - 5th

Meet the Third Grade Teachers!

From Left to Right: Mrs. Griffith, Mrs. Trueblood, Mrs. Naragon, Mrs. Moore, Mr. Wu
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What we are learning this week....

We have had such a FUN first week of THIRD Grade! We have spent a lot of time going over routines and procedures as well as team building activities to set the tone of the school year! We are really looking forward to diving into curriculum this week, here is what you can expect:

Science with Mrs. Naragon: This week, we will learn all about volcanoes! We will look at what causes a volcano to erupt and how the eruptions change the earth's surface. We will also describe different types of volcanic eruptions and the formation of different volcanoes.

Spelling with Mrs. Naragon: Short Vowels and syllables (words with VC/CV patterns) such as happens, lettuce, skillet and picnic. Your child will write their spelling words in their planner each week on Tuesdays.

Social Studies with Mrs. Naragon: We will continue working in collaborative groups and building relationships.

Reading and Writing with Mrs. Trueblood: This week learners will discuss story elements and what a story tells us. They will be reading a narrative poem, “ When Charlie Button Lost Power” , looking at character, setting, theme, and conflict. In writing, learners will review narrative writing and work on the BOY (Beginning of Year) Writing Assessment.

Math with Mrs. Moore: Next week learners will begin a unit on Place Value. Learners should know the value of each place up to one hundred thousand (100,000). Learners will answer the following essential questions. “Why is place value important?, How do I use place value to add and subtract numbers?” They will also learn the process of Math Workshop. The workshop consists of the following stations Math Facts, At Your Seat, Teacher’s Choice, and Hands On. During this time they will be given activities to complete based on their level and ability.

It is that time again.... we are on the hunt for lunch room helpers!! If you would like to help in the cafeteria, please click on the link below! Our lunch this year will be from 11:15-11:45 on Monday - Thursday and 11:20-11:50 on Fridays! Please come join us this year!


Great Expectations

Life Principle - Patriotism

Quote - "Ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you could do for your country." - John F. Kennedy

Healthy Tip - You should get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day, including vigorous activities that make you "huff" and "puff".

Important Dates

*September 1st - Enjoy a day off! Labor Day

*September 4th- 3rd grade Curriculum Night in the Cafeteria (6:00-7:00)

*September 5th- Rise & Shine @ 7:50 in the Gym

*September 8th- PTO Meeting @ 6:30

*September 11th- PTO Back to School Night

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