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Major Applause for all the Rockstars!

Congratulations on a marvelous month of June! So many amazing things took place this past month! From all of us being able to stack up the rewards and earning free product credits towards the new line, to our newest stylists getting an extra $100 to put towards their displays, to our customers earning Dot Dollars with each and every purchase! Don't you just love seeing those orders coming in?

A little more about Dot Dollars if this is your first time with the program.

4 Easy Ways to Redeem Dot Dollars:

Call or email your customers during redemption and remind them to shop and redeem their Dot Dollars. But don’t stop there! Use this as an opportunity to encourage them to host a Trunk Show for the Fall Line – after all, Style Rewards are an even better deal than Dot Dollars and they will be delighted by the new collection!

Host a Dot Dollars Redemption Trunk Show or encourage your customers to host one – this is a great way to get a show with someone who’s worried that all her friends have recently been to another show!

Combine a Dot Dollars Redemption Trunk Show with your VIP Sample Sell-Off Trunk Show and use this as an opportunity to book debut hostesses for the new collection.

Host your own Dot Dollar Redemption show - what better way to stock up on Style Rewards before the Fall Line Launch!

If history repeats itself, we can expect to see Dot Dollars again in December!

We are now in the heart of the summer months. Our businesses may look a little different than we expected - especially if this is your first summer. Trust me, the big retailers are experiencing the slowness as well. If you are interested in getting your biz back on it's feet now is the perfect time to do so. Reach out to your sponsor and have a coaching call. There are lots of things you can do to still make the most of summer AND be ready for fall! One thing that pops into my head is using the return of our to die for totes OR the new Fall Line Launch.

Embrace the small trunk show!
Remember, a qualified trunk show is 4 unique orders. Your hostess does not need to get 20 people to your event for it to be a success (although we love 20 people in attendance when possible). But the reality is that it is summer and their guests will possibly have plans. It's OK - if they cannot make it in person, they can shop online before or after the event. Still feeling like 2 hours plus set-up and tear down plus the drive to and from is not worth your time for 4 guests? How about having a 90 minute Pop Up boutique? BIG things happen from SMALL shows! You may just meet your next hostess or even stylist there!

Hope you and your families are having a great summer! And if you are local, hope to see you in Rockville, MD for our Fall Collection Line Launch party on Monday, July 22nd. If you are looking for a Fall Collection Launch party near you, make sure to check the events page on your PWS or reach out to your sponsor!


Say Hello to Your New Senior Stylists!

A BIG, Heartfelt Welcome to our Newest Team Members

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Sponsor: Joelly Belman
  1. Barbara Bibbiani

Sponsor: Pamela Wimmer

  1. Dianne Musser

Our Top 10 in Retails Sales and those who Qualified for the Month of June!

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1 Rene Kauder $8043.77

2 Joelly Belman $6746.25

3 Jennipher Hagenmayer $4073.00

4 Sheila Markowitz $2513.00

5 Jennifer Taylor $2273.75

6 Adrianna Markowitz $1589.00

7 Patricia Rush $1516.25

8 Kisha Brown-Richards $891.40

9 Tammy Schowalter $886.32

10 Erika Holt $846.00

11 Alison Wehri $819.00

12 Leslie Borkenhagen $700.25

13 Jennifer Borges $653.83

14 Stephanie Henlen $650.50

15 Pamela Wimmer $623.20

16 Deanne Kasim $580.00

17 Nicole Barton $575.00

18 Jennifer Judge $528.50

19 Carolynn Foxwell $518.00

20 Paige Lloyd $514.00

21 Barbara Bibbiani $503.00

Look Who Earned Their Q2 Consistency Bonus!

An extra $100 in product credits to spend on the new fall line!

Joelly Belman
Jennifer Borges
Leslie Borkenhagen
Jennnipher Hagenmayer
Erika Holt
Rene Kauder
Adrianna Markowitz
Sheila Markowitz
Kisha Brown-Richards
Alison Wehri

Make it your goal in Q3 to sell $500 in retail each month (July, August, and September) to earn $100 in product credits. Remember the holiday collection launches in October - Be Ready!

Congratulations are in Order!

Glam Getaway Puerto Vallarta

Special Thanks!

I just wanted to send a special THANK YOU to Kim Rieara and Leslie Borkenhagen for coming along and helping me at 2 of my Pop-Up Shops in late June. And to Michele Panczyszyn for helping me with a fundraiser. I seriously could not have done these events without you ladies and I had a great time hanging out with you for the evening!

Heading to Hoopla?

Are you heading to Hoopla later this month? Make sure to download the Hoopla 2013 App as well as the Group Me app. I want to make sure everyone stays well connected to the team (if they want to :)! We have dinners and other fun surprises in store for you.
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Fall Collection 2013

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All stylist sampling begins on July 17th - 9am your local time! Make sure to log into your Lounge to see all the details. Remember, you would have had to unlock your 50% off discount in order to buy your samples at 50%. If you did not sell $250 (cumulative) in April, May, and June then you will only be able to shop the collection using your 25% off. Please talk with your sponsor if you have questions or concerns about this new policy. Not sure if you sold $250? Log into your lounge and go to the My Monthly Rewards Tracker.

Rene Kauder, Independent Star Stylist and Mentor

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