from coca beans to chocolate

By Giovanni

its good yummy its chocolate

Ever wonder where chocolate comes from?. its great because of the taste. its yummy to eat.

to caco beans to chocolate

they grow in bean pods. chocolate starts out first as a coca bean there grown in africa finally they go to heresy pensilvania.

what people do to chocolate at a factory

people drop the seeds in a machine that mixes the ingredens . the beans get mashed in a machine then they get sorted. the almonds get cooked then they get squished with butter to make it stay in place.

how it gets send to a store

the chocolate gets send on a truck then they go to stores to get selled home to get eaten.

geting packed

they get packed in plastic. and go home for a snack to eat. theres different kind yummy

also milk chocolate is the same as chocolate only tan.

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