Space Travel To Mars

Experience Mars With Us

What is it all about?

The journey from Earth to Mars would roughly take 9 months. If you're thinking the journey to Mars will be hectic, tiring and confine in limit space then your wrong. The Journey will be long however it will be filled with enjoyments and entertainment. One example is dressing in one of a kind spacesuit. The encounters you will face will be different compared to earth. You will experience many new achievements here in Mars.

Do You Know Mars?


Average Distance from Sun: 142 million miles

Average Speed in Orbiting Sun: 14.5 miles per second

Diameter: 4,220 miles

Tilt of Axis: 25 degrees

Length of Year: 365.25 Days 687 Earth Days

Length of Day: 24 hours 37 minutes

Gravity: 2.66 times that of Mars 0.375 that of Earth

Temperature Average: -81 degrees F

Number of Moons: 2

More About Mars

Weather: Polar ice caps, Seasonal changes and the observable presence of weather patterns almost similar to the Earth's climate.

Gravity: 3.711m/s (Squared)

Day Lengths: 24 Hours and 37 Minutes

Terrain On Mars: Dry and rocky. It is almost similar to a desert.

Duration To Get There From Earth: 150-300 days depending on the speed.

Activities in Mars!

1: Dust Surfing
Do you only live to get radical? Experience 100% pure adrenaline when you dust surf the break of one of the largest dunes in the solar system. Johnny U's Dust Surfing experts will teach you the necessary skills to drop into a ride that will make you say "Whoah."

2: Super Low G Martian Art
Travel to Phobos, a moon of Mars, for a spectator sport unlike any other. Aerial gymnastics, complete with flips, "flying," and mid-air summersaults characterize this athletic contest. After a match, step into the ring yourself to give it a whirl.

3: Mars Rover Racing
Wander the alien surface of Mars on a customized land tour. Collaborate with your Rover Drover to create an itinerary full of the space-y sites you want to see, from the Valles Marineris to the Galle Crater.

4: Mars History Tour
You've read the news, now see the sites for yourself. Tour the landing sites of the most famous Mars missions—the Vikings, Pathfinder, Rovers, and Phoenix. Some tours even include an expedition to see the Beagle crash site.