Schools for deaf and blind.


In the early 19th century , only wealth people could afford sending their deaf children to specialized schools in Great-Britain. There was no school fitted for deaf and blind in the USA. Education for deaf and blind started growing up from 1815 and became widespread especially from 1864 . Under Lincoln's government , bills were made to enhance the education.

Leaders and their achievements.

Colonel Bolling is the first leader of the education for deaf and blind. He wanted his deaf children to be educated in America instead of Great-Britain. Helped by a descendant of Thomas Braidwood ( who used to run the famous school for deaf and blind in G-B), he created then Cobbs School,the first fitted school which finally didn't last long due to financial problems. Gallaudet , after having a young deaf girl in 1812 who gave him the necessary inspiration, created the Connecticut Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb,which turned into the American school for deaf in 1817.Gallaudet really enacted the process. Afterwards, the education for deaf and blind became widespread,especially after the Lincoln administration.

Colonel Bolling (below) + Gallaudet ( above)


The main purpose was to provide a fitted education for people suffering from deaf blindness and to improve the equality between men, Those goals were essentially implied into the principles of the democracy, because it cannot exist with illiterate people or with discriminations towards people with handicaps. It also helps and spurs deaf people to be active and to find their places into the society.

The Americam school for deaf and blind.


Gallaudet travelled Europe in order to find a tactic, He first tried to take the method of the Braidwood school but they wanted to make him signing a contract to keep this method secret, which ended up to a refusal. Then he learnt some methods in France and went back to the USA with the common sign language, which is still used nowadays, He also appointed deaf teachers, which could teach easier as a matter of facts.

Deaf Student Campus Gallaudet University

The Gallaudet university.