world religions project

by Madison anderson


  • believe in karma
  • believe in reincarnation
  • believe the universe undergoes endless cycles of creation
  • the one universal god is brahm-ha


  • popular in Asia and India
  • Buddhists do not worship Buddha, they show respect to him. when they bow they express their gratitude to the Buddha for that his teachings have given them.
  • Buddha reminds them to strive to develop peace & love within themselves.


  • Jews believe in one god but they are not waiting for one savior to come
  • there is no hell or devil
  • the book they use is called a Torah this has the 5 books or Moses in it
  • Judaism is monotheistic


  • worships god
  • reads the bible
  • Christmas is a major holiday
  • monotheistic


  • worship Muhammad
  • important rituals are, giving charity to the poor, praying, woman dressing modestly, animal sacrifice, and fasting.
  • their bible is the qur'an. they believe it is an unaltered word of god and it was passed down to Muhammad by the prophet Gabriel. this books has all the basics of the Islamic culture.