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Generation 2015

Hey iGIP!

Happy easter! I hope you guys had a great time celebrating with your families or traveling :) Time flies by so fast, it's already quarter 2! I'm feeling super energized after the holiday to make things happen in iGIP! Let's do this ;)

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LC Performance

CLUC Performance

Great start last week! You guys over exceeded your goals for accounts. You have a lot to make up for when it comes to calls and meetings this week. Keep track of your goal for the week. It's only Tuesday morning, you still have 4 days! 18 calls and 6 meetings to do. I want to see all greens this week! f those accounts do not turn into calls this week, I will allow other LCs to contact them.

CLPA Performance

You guys put a lot of accounts on segmentation, great! However, you need to start calling and setting meetings with these accounts. If those accounts do not turn into calls this week, I will allow other LCs to contact them.

CLAQ Performance

Guys, I don't know what's happening in your LC. No segmentation, calls or meetings for the entire April. You have this week to change things. You can do it! Email me at julia.chu@aiesec.net if you need some support.

Sales Policies

1. Every account must be cleared on STAKEHOLDER'S CRM workspace on podio.

2. Once the account is on STAKEHOLDER'S CRM, the LC that cleared the account has the right to contact the account for 1 week. This must appear on iGIP 2014 workspace on Podio.

3. If it does not turn into a successful call or meeting after 1 week, any LC may steal the account after notifying the MCVP iGIP.

4. Each LC will be fined S./10 for every violation.

*Questions, comments or suggestions about these policies may be emailed to me :)

National iGIP Meeting

Friday, April 25th, 7-9pm

MC Flat

Our long overdue meeting is finally happening this Friday! Be there and stay for dinner and drinks after :)