Calypso Greek Goddess

By: Ally Woodruff


Calypso was the daughter of the Greek God, Titan, also known as Atlas. She was a water nymph who lived on the the mythical island of Ogyia (Britannica School).

Where Calypso lives

Calypso inhabited a mythical island called Ogyia (Myths and Legends of the World).


"Legan says that she bore him at least one son. which mean she gave Odysseus one childe while they where on the island for seven years. But others say they had a total of three kids. Son- Auson

Twins- Nausithous & Nausinous" (Myths and Legends of the World).


"Helped Odysus get home from her island" (Redsuced by a maiden).

Name and Powers

"Calypso has two different types of names,

-Transliteration: Kalypso

-Latin Spelling: Calypso"

"Calypso isn't a god of anything, she is a nymph of water but is inferior and doesn't have a lot of powers when it comes to water powers" (Theoi Project).

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"My summary of my favorite myth would have to be the one where Calypso made Odysseus stay on her island for seven years and gave him three kids with in the seven year period. then sent Odysseus back to his island that he was longing for, but faced trouble getting back to his island" (Hollingsworth)


"And well her warnings served hi when they again took the sea, still with a favoring wind that soon brought them to the isle of the sirens" (A Treasury of classical Mythology)


"Calypso doesn't have a original symbol. This is the symbol I made because i felt like it went with the stories about Calypso" (A Treasury of classical Mythology).
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