civil rights


Jackie's courage

Members of his team refuse to play with him and he receive hate mail. Fan shouted racist slurs at him.

Black Panthers

Symbol of young militant African Americans, protected urban neighborhoods from police abuse. Created antipoverty programs, Stokely was honorary prime minster

Organization Develope

1910- NAACP(National association for the advancement of colored people

1942--CORE ( congress of racial equality

1957--SCLC (southern christen leadership conference

1960---- SNCC (student nonviolent coordinating commitee

Little Rock 9

President Eisenhower sent federal troops to protect the African American student and to enforce Brown vs. Board

For the entire school year, federal troops stayed in little Rock escorting the student from school.

Significant Gains

Eliminate legal or de jure segregation, knocked down barriers of voting and political participation for African Americans. poverty rates fell

Increase in the number of African American high school graduates.

Malcolm X

Influenced by riots

Difficult childhood

While in jail, converted to the Nation of Islam

Rosa Parks wasn't the 1st

1944 Jackie Robinson refused his bus on the seat in Texas, 1955 Claudette Colvin a 15 year old refuse to give her seat up on a bus.

African Americans made 75% of the passengers in the bus system but still had to deal with unfair rules.