Pull Out Your Cellphone

Utilizing Student's Smartphones for Learning

If you are looking to get your feet wet in BYOD these are a few tech tools I recommend starting trying out. See Tech Cheat Sheet for more smartphone apps & tech tools.

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1. Infographics

Utilize infographics to get students to look at data & learn history. Infographics are perfect for viewing on smartphones & tablets. Here are a few of my FAVORITES:

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2. QR Codes

    What are they?

    A Quick Response Code is a digital image that can be scanned without the beam of light needed to scan barcodes at the supermarket.

    How to use it

    They can be scanned using one of the many free QR scanner apps available for smart phones and tablets. When you scan the code, you'll be taken directly to a website.

    How to Create a QR Code

    –Go to www.qrstuff.com

    –Copy the URL you want to link the code to or type the text you want.

    –Save the QR image and paste to your handout.

  • QR Code Ideas
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3. Padlet

What is Padlet?

  • Padlet is a website that can be turned into a virtual wall.

  • Once the wall has been created anyone can easily post to the wall. No login necessary they just need the link to the wall. Can be accessed via ipad & iphone app as well.

What can Padlet be used for?

  • Class word walls

  • Submitting digital work

  • Creating your own website of resources

  • Group Collaborating

  • Individual vocab

  • Reflecting

  • Brainstorm



  1. Click this link to access the Padlet
  2. Double click anywhere on the blank WALL
  3. Write an idea of how you could use or have used, Padlet
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4. PicCollage

What is it good for?

  • Replace poster paper through PicCollage, add images, stickers, and text. This can be done on smartphones and tablets.


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5. Photobooth


  1. Turn a corner of your classroom into a photo booth area

  2. Provide some cheap props or have students make their own

  3. Students will use their own phones to take photos

  4. Have students accompany their photo creating a story which utilizes specified content vocabulary

*Shout out to Mr. Pourchot for the Mugshot Wall idea- He's presenting on Engagement today
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Heads Up/Charades

Heads Up is a fun game you can download on your smartphone. I Highly recommend the $1 cost of this app to play with friends and family. It also allows you to build your own deck. allowing you to create your own deck of content vocab words to review with your kiddos. It is an additional $1 to build your own deck.


Buy the knock off version for FREE which also allows you to build your own deck--Charades!

  • Have students make a deck based off the unit vocab to review & play in small groups.
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11. Kahoot.it


1. Go to your internet & in the URL type kahoot.it

2. Log in with the class code

3. Write your nickname



  • Add a video from youtube to the "lobby" while you wait for all the students to log in
  • Search the PUBLIC kahoots>duplicate whichever you want to steal and edit for your classroom use
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Presenter: Amanda Sandoval (ERHS)