February 15-26

What happened this week?

Well, we are ready to Rodeo! The kids are so excited to be learning about the Rodeo, farms and farm animals. We've been working on our barn bulletin board and filling the barn with darling barn animals and surrounding it with beautiful bluebonnets. We also talked about where milk comes from and all the different foods and drinks that come from milk, including butter which we made in class on Thursday. Their butter jars went home, some with all the butter gobbled up! I've got to say, it was DELICIOUS!

The Bears had a wonderful opportunity this week to go to the big church to hear the church organist play the organ. We learned all about the pipes, keyboard, pedals, stops and console of the organ and what each did. We also got to hear the different size pipes and learned that the small pipes play a high note and the large pipes play the low notes. We also got to hear how the organ can play notes with all different sounds. Some sound like trumpets! We got to sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider, ABC's and several other songs. It was a real treat.

We also began our next set of 10 work jobs. We're working on completing 40 at this point and will complete 100 by the end of the year. This set of work jobs includes writing the numbers 1 and 2, initial sound recognition for A, B, D, E, F and O, lacing work, number ordering, biggest to smallest, fine motor work with tweezers, sequencing, and rhyming among other things.

We've also discussed the letter Q and brainstormed things that begin with a Q which isn't a lot!

What's happening next week?

Next week we will continue talking about farms and the Rodeo. We will be studying the letter R and will continue with the same set of work jobs. Dads.....don't forget about the Dad's Hoedown Breakfast next Friday the 26th!

Dates to remember.....

2/26 Dad's Hoedown Breakfast

3/2-3 Group Photos