Spanish III Week 4

Unit 2

This week we are continuing with Unit 2. Students are working more with vocabulary centering around the family and relationships. The grammar includes past tenses and subjunctive mood.
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Required Live Classes

Students are required to attend one live class for each unit. This is a large part of the participation grade for the course. If students did not attend a Unit 2 session last week, it is necessary that they attend one this week. There are sessions offered this week on the following days/times:

Monday 6pm
Tuesday 6pm
Friday 6pm
Monday, September 21 5pm
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Thank you for your continued support! Progress reports will come out Tuesday. The grade will include all work from the Getting Started Unit and the Unit 1 RLC. it does not include work that was due last week. For a more current grade, please go online with your student or contact me.