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  • 1 of 3 teens have gotten cyber threats.

  • 25% of teens are repeatedly bullied through cell phones.

  • 30% of teenagers have been involved in bullying.

  • In 2010, 2.7 million teenagers were bullied at school.

  • 1 out of 10 students drop out of school because they've been bullied.

  • In grades 4-8, 90% of kids have reported being bullied.

  • Nationwide, over 282,000 teens in high school are bullied each month.

  • 1 and 5 have admitted to being a bully.

  • California is ranked number 1 for the most bullying in their schools.

  • 1 in 10 say that they are bullied daily.

  • Males are more likely to experience verbal and physical bullying.

  • Females are more likely to experience social and psychological bullying.

  • Most students say they have heard someone threaten to kill another person.
  • Most bullying occurs on school grounds.
  • 270 kids ages 10-14 have killed themselves
  • About sixty percent of students never told an adult that something hurtful has been said to them online.
  • About one out of five students admit that they are a bully or that they do some type of “bullying.
  • In 2007, 86% of teens said they were harassed at school in the past year. About 6,000 students were surveyed, of those who reported an incident, one-third said the school staff did nothing about it. A quarter of the students reported being physically assaulted. Two-thirds never reported their incident.


Victims- Usually LGBT or somehow "different"

Victims of bullying-

~ Low self-esteem

~ Few friends

~ Drop outs

~ Suicidal

The Bully-

~ Issues at home

~ Revenge


~ Never stops

~ Same effects

~ Easier for someone to bully

~ Rumors can spread quicker

~ Anonymous

~ Difficult to escape

~ Victim usually bullied in person too

~ Biggest type of bullying today



  • Confront the bully
  • Talk to a teacher, guidance counselor, or a trusted adult about bullying problems
  • Start programs at your school to prevent bullying
  • Stand up for victim
  • Best Solution:

Make people aware of the effects of bullying. In high school, 14 percent of teenagers have considered suicide and 7 percent have attempted suicide due to bullying. 56 percent of teenagers say they have seen other be bullied but didn't do anything to help the victim. Making other aware of bullying problems can lead to you helping the victim and the bully with bullying problems.


We have concluded that bullying will always be an issue. This wont stop until we take action.

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